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Monday, March 12, 2007

Patrick's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Start of another week in the dream factory, and Noel runs through the emotional game of Sarah's yesterday. He says it will be a different game today, as they all are, and he talks about the courage shown by the current group of contestants and is hoping for an overdue BIG win today…

It’s Patrick’s turn to take his place in the crazy chair today and he does so with box 19, the same as Sarah yesterday.... Patrick is from Belfast, originally Dublin, and he has a lucky charm of a frog.

Round 1
Patrick says he is going to use Gus' system of taking out the 4 corners first.
13 - £5
16 - £250
20 - 50p
The system is going very well so far
4 - £100
9 - £20,000 A few groans

Noel says with the good start Patrick could afford the loss of the £20,000 there. The banker says it's 2 old war-horses doing battle today, and Doug gets a mention in possibly joining forces with the 2 of them and becoming the antique Chippendales!! The banker overheard while Patrick was having his microphone fitted that he said his perfect breakfast is a blonde at the end of the bed! He then offers £12,500, it’s Sarah's exit fee yesterday. Patrick says NO DEAL

Round 2
2 - £500
Di next and she says she has had a few little ones but never a big one!! Much to the amusement of the whole studio
7 - £3,000
Blue chants start!!
1 - £100,000 oppps the chants don't work

Noel says that the £250,000 can still be won, an he says that he can feel a lot of positivity coming from Patrick... The Banker offers £15,000, and Noel asks is this enough for Patrick? Patrick says NO DEAL

Round 3
21 - £10,000
8 - £10
Blue chants start
12 - 10p YES YES YES shouts Patrick

That is amazing you are doing well says Noel, and Patrick is equally happy with his strong board. The Banker offers £25,000, he had no choice there but to offer that says Noel. Patrick says he loves his board with the 4 blues, and then goes to Nigel who says it's a really strong board and he can't take out all the large numbers in the next round. Patrick says NO DEAL

Round 4
5 - £5,000 Newbie Dee
Blue chants start
3 - £1,000
Patrick goes to Lisa and Noel warns him about her reputation for destroying games!!!
6 - £15,000 It's fine says Noel

It's a very strong board says Noel, although it would have been great to have taken out the 1p - The £250,000 is still at the other end of the board though. The banker tells Patrick that the chances of him having the £250,000 are the same as him having the 1p, and he then offers £30,000. Steven tells Patrick that he can still take out the £35,000 in the next round and still get a larger offer. Patrick asks who would deal in the audience, only a handful stand... The banker calls back!!! He is going to increase the offer!! It’s now £30,001 + a photo of Julian!!! Referring to Julian’s game where he refused an offer of £30,000 and then his game crashed!!! Patrick says if the banker is going to try and play mind games he is out of his depth... Patrick says NO DEAL

Round 5
Blue chants start
10 - £50 The perfect start says Noel
More chants
17 - £50,000 The audience are still cheering
More chants
14 - £1 YES YES YES says Noel

I feel good says Patrick and Noel tells him that this is one of the strongest situations for a long time. The banker says that he doesn't believe Patrick will go all the way and offers £50,000. Patrick says that is a very comfortable sum of money, and he goes to Steven who says he would say No Deal. Noel tells him to remember that the £50,000 is real money and that he could still walk away with 1p... Patrick says DEAL

Patrick says he thinks he might live to regret that decision…

Round 6 - Proveout round
18 - £750 Almost the perfect start says Noel
15 - £35,000 Not enough says Noel
22 - 1p Total shock in the studio

It’s time for the Banker with £75,000 and £250,000 remaining!! Noel says it would have been the perfect round if you had only carried on. The banker would have offered £150,000, the whole studio is in shock at that offer. Patrick says if he was 30 years younger he would have played on and not dealt at £50,000.

Noel opens Patrick’s box 19 and reveals £250,000!! There are cries of disbelief when it’s revealed and most of the contestants are holding their heads in their hands.

Box 11 contains the £75,000

Patrick says he is drained after that, and disappointed that he didn’t have the courage to go, but it’s been a fabulous time and game and he can’t complain at walking away with £50,000.
Noel closes out the show saying there is an interesting atmosphere in the studio as although Patrick has won £50,000, he admitted he could have played on and won a lot more if age was on his side.

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