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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rich's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel welcomes us to The Dream Factory and the Crazy Chair that causes so many problems. He talks about Kelsie's emotional game yesterday and how she fell for The Banker's charm and was seduced into an early deal when the £250,000 was available...

It’s Rich’s turn to take the walk of wealth today and he has box 15. Will Mystic Rich predict his way to a big win today? Rich says he is nervous sat in the chair, and he shows Noel his lucky charm, which is 3 coins linked by a ribbon. He also shows us his pics, and reveals that he lives at home with his parents at the moment, although would like a big win so he can move next door! Rich likes to gamble and once put £500 on a horse after a tip, and it came in second!!!

Noel tells him he needs to reverse his predictions, as he has been the worst on the show to date. Rich says he thinks he has the 1p in his box!

Round 1
3 - £750 (Philomena) Big cheers
6 - £5 (Phil) More cheers
4 - £50,000 (Tanweer) Groans for that one
7 - £3,000 (Jay)
Rich says he is a little stuck, so Noel says use your powers!!!!
9 - £250,000

That's fine says Rich, there are still some big numbers there. The Banker says Mystic Mess is here! He says not so much a Medium, more like an Extra Small!! The Banker is so impressed with Rich's lack of predictions, that if Rich can get any box prediction right he will immediately make Rich an offer! He then offers £3,500, Rich says NO DEAL

Round 2
Rich predicts £250
8 - 50p (Nathan)
Rich predicts £100
5 - £15,000 (Miles)
Prediction of 10p followed by chants...
2 - £500 (Kerry)

The Banker quickly calls and offers £11,000, it's a good offer says Rich and he remarks that he still has some good money in play. Rich says NO DEAL

Round 3
Noel says you don't have to predict if it's taking your mind of the game
20 - £20,000 (Joyce)
22 - £10,000 (Steve)
Blue chants start as Rich asks for the 1p
12 - 1p (Theresa) BIG Cheers

Noel says he thinks Rich guessed right there as he said he was looking for the 1p and The Banker should call!! Noel forgets that Rich had already picked 3 boxes, so he hangs up on The Banker and says it’s not fair!!! The Banker calls back and says Rich needs to think carefully about this next offer of £17,000. It's a fantastic offer says Rich, and Jay agrees. Di tells him she thinks it's worth him taking a gamble here, and Noel asks if she has been trying to get Rich out of his clothes! As she is a naturist! Rich says NO DEAL

Round 4
Predicts £100 - Chants start
11 - £100 (Dee) Cheers
Rich gets one right and The Banker calls - He offers £20,000, Rich says he likes this game now, but it’s NO DEAL
13 - £250 (Tess) YES says Noel
Blue chants start
16 - £50 (Di) BIG cheers

An all blue round just at the right time Noel tells The Banker, The Banker warns Rich to take the money now and run before the crash, he then offers £25,000. It's a strong offer says Noel, but do you have the courage to go on. Rich says he still has 2 of the power 5 in play, but if his mum were there now she would be saying deal or die!! Rich says NO DEAL

Round 5
Predicts - £10
Blue chants
18 - 10p (Penny) BIG CHEERS and so close...
Rich thinks the £100,000 is in Box 1 so avoids it. He reckons £1 next
14 - £100,000 (Jamie) Oppps... The amount was right, but wrong box!
Blue chants
21 - £1 (Joe) The cheers return

Noel tells The Banker we have been having fun with the side game, but the board is still strong. The Banker offers £19,500, and that receives groans from all around the studio. Rich says that is a lot of money especially if you picture it sat there in front of you, but NO DEAL

Round 6
Noel tells Rich to predict every box now!
Predicts £10 - Blue chants
10 - £1,000 (David)
Predicts £10 - Blue chants
1 - £75,000 (Jackie)
Predicts £10 - Blue chants
17 - £5,000 (Charlie)

It’s time for The Banker with £10 and £35,000 remaining.

£35,000 would be a very nice amount to take away now says Noel, The Banker offers
. Noel asks if it would make any difference if Rich knew he could have the SWAP, Rich says he would always intended to keep 17 and 19 until the end, so yes it would make a difference. The Banker calls back and guarantees the SWAP! Rich says he thinks he might regret this, but DEAL
Noel does the hypothetical SWAP!!! Rich swaps his box 15 for box 19.

Rich now has box 19 in front of him, which contains £35,000! That causes shock around the studio…

Box 15 contains £10

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