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Deal or No Deal is enjoyed my millions of viewers daily, where the contestants battle with The Banker to try and win a jackpot of £250,000. Here at donduk you will find full daily reports of each show, as well Deal or No Deal news and specials. Deal or No Deal although initially appearing very simple in format of just opening a few boxes for the chance to win some big money prizes, actually has some potentially complex decisions to be made at points throughout the show, the contestants occasionally try complex or simple gameplay in an attempt to give them an edge in beating the Banker.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stuart's Game Report

Noel welcomes us to the dream factory and says we are still recovering from Catherine's game, he says the banker got to her and she lost her concentration in the game!! Noel tells everyone to by all means ask for advice BUT to remain focused at all times!! Perhaps Noel saw a different game to the one that was shown, as Catherine seemed to play quite a controlled game.

It's Stuart's turn in the crazy chair today and he has box 14, Noel says he is really going to enjoy this game, I hope he listens to his own advice at the start of the show about the contestant's staying focused and doesn't put off Stuart too much!!!

Stuart is a self-employed Internet consultant, he has his wife with him in the audience for support today, and he wants to take her to the Grand Canyon with some of the £250,000 he wins today! We see a pic of his son and his fiancĂ©, he wants to fly his son to the Grand Canyon as well as he wants to propose to his Finance there. Stuart has brought along a rock for luck!!

Noel asks if Stuart chose box 16 at random today and Stuart says NO!! I chose box 14!! Noel is in hysterics now after he is shown to be the one NOT focusing on the game!!!!

Round 1
Stuart tells everyone to think blue...
19 - 50p
Bunney next and another song!!
10 - £3,000 Ohh goes the audience....
8 - £100,000 Bigger ohhs on that one and Stuart says he's changing the system... Then decides to stick with it after all
17 - £50 Cheers for that one
2 - £50,000 More groans

Stuart says he thinks he'll have a sit down after that round, the banker calls and says Stuart is looking very smart today. Stuart says he is dressing smart as respect for Noel and the banker. The banker offers £7,400, Stuart says that it's a good offer but there is still lots to do on that board, he says NO DEAL

Round 2
7 - £75,000 More groans and Stuart tells the pilgrims to think blue
22 - £20,000 Even more groans
Stuart chooses 3 next and Noel calls a break while Stuart gives the pilgrims a good talking for not thinking blue enough!!
After the break Noel tells us that Stuart gave the pilgrims a stiff talking to and he's been rubbing his rock like mad!!
Chants of blue blue blue start
3 - £250 Cheers

The banker promises that he won't mess with Stuart's mind as he thinks that someone got there first!! He then has a rant and thinks that the first offer was very good, and he also thinks the board is a board for 1p winners! He then offers £7,400, it's a good offer again says Stuart, Dennis says he thinks that he's caught the banker on a good day, Bunney says he still has the biggy wiggy!! Stuart says NO DEAL

Round 3
Noel wants some teenie weenies!!
4 - £500 Cheers for a teenie weenie
Stuart thinks Phil has the £35,000 so avoids him
The blue chants start
5 - £250,000 Good grief says Stuart!
6 - £750

Stuart says that losing the £250,000 has knocked him for 6, but if the banker made him an offer of £40,000 now he would take it and walk, Noel says you've got it!!! The banker offers 40,000 1ps!! £400... Not quite what Stuart had in mind so he says NO DEAL

Stuart asks where the 1p is and someone shouts out box 16 which is Sarah's box, Stuart says that 16 normally has high numbers though, but Sarah says she thinks her box is low as well. Stuart goes for 16 as Sarah has been very good with her intuition about the values contained in the boxes....

Round 4
16 - 10p Sarah is proved right yet again
12 - £10,000
Big chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE
18 - £10

It's alright says Noel although he would have been happier if the 1p went then, Stuart says the £35,000 is still sitting in Phil's box!! But how is Stuart going to get that if the banker doesn't offer a swap?! The banker offers £5,000, Noel goes to Stuart's wife for her opinion, she says that Stuart is his own man and he is a very positive person. Stuart asks the pilgrims for their opinion, a few say DEAL as it could all go wrong in the next round... Stuart tells the pilgrims that he told his son there would be a certain figure that he would deal at, and it's not there yet. Stuart says NO DEAL

Round 5
Stuart wants lots of chants now and the pilgrims deliver
13 - £1
More chants
20 - £15,000 Chants turn to groans
More chants
9 - £5,000

Not a good round says Noel, it's all or peanuts now with £35,000 very isolated with only £1,000 as back up. Stuart says he will take an offer of £36,000 now... He then says that at this stage no money offer from the banker will get him dealing and we can miss out the phone call if they like! The banker calls and offers a SWAP! Stuart says NO SWAP, even though he has been convinced the £35,000 is sitting in Phil's box

Round 6
Stuart goes for Phil's box next which he said has £35,000! Noel says that's an interesting choice.
1 - £35,000 He was right!!! Noel says if only you had gone with your initial thoughts. Stuart says he would never swap as it would hurt more knowing you had a high value and gave it away.
15 - 1p Newbie Rachel and Noel says that was a relief
11 - £5

It's time for the banker time with £100 and £1,000 remaining, Stuart says he'll make it easy for the banker this time and will walk for £999. The banker offers £299, Stuart says NO DEAL, he says the £1,000 will get his son or wife to the Grand Canyon...

Noel says he has a horrible feeling about the game before opening Stuart's box 14! He opens it and reveals £1,000, box 21 contains the £100.

Stuart sums up the game by saying it was one big hole in the ground! He says his family will get to the Grand Canyon and they'll enjoy the £1,000 spending money while there.

Noel says he liked the game and the way Stuart played the it, he didn't win a big sum of money but he had a great time and that's Deal or No Deal is all about.


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I love Mr KC!
Maybe all that money made him posher?

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