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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Nicola's Game Report

After yesterday's rather unique show with Craig getting so many SWAP offers I wonder What mood will the banker be in today? Will he be playing any more games or will we get a normal style game? The pilgrims are wound up today and make lots of noise during Noel's intro to the show! He says everyone is really positive at the moment after Laura's game, he still encourages the contestants to have the courage to play as both Laura and Craig have done and not be afraid to play on while the big money is available.

It's Nicola's turn to take the walk of wealth today, she has box 4. Nicola says this is great, but also bizarre, she has her mum in the audience with her for support. She is a singer and dancer from Liverpool, she tells us a story about how she opened up a dancing school after chatting to a group of kids who said there was nothing to do in the area. Nicola also has a lucky charm that Laura wore in her game, Noel says that the banker normally prefers an older woman and makes a joke about Nicola's age! So he is not sure how the banker will react today...

Round 1
5 - 50p Big cheers for the first blue
2 - £10,000
15 - £10
Nicola goes to Bunney next who gives us another song!
11 - £5,000
7 - £750

Noel says that is an OK round and the board is looking really strong, the banker asks how Noel is feeling, he says very good. Noel says the banker must be feeling very good after his win yesterday, he is and then he asks how old Nicola is, she replies 33. The banker then makes an offer of £1,965, which he says relates to the year that he really thinks Nicola was born in!! Nicola says NO DEAL

Round 2
14 - £250
1 - £1,000
Newbie Leanne gets her intro from Noel as she is picked next, and Noel wonders whether the current curse of the newbie with a high value in their first box can be broken...
16 - £100 Leanne breaks the curse

The banker says it's a very dangerous board at the moment, and Noel replies YES for you!! The banker offers £20,000, Nicola asks for advice and goes to Ryan, he says it's a very good board as does Dennis. Nicola says NO DEAL

Round 3
12 - £15,000
Nicola goes to Gabrielle next and gets her lucky feather first, Noel asks are there any left in her slippers!!
10 - £50 Gabrielle should start selling those feathers
13 - 10p Big cheers

That is fantastic says Noel and it's becoming the bankers nightmare again. Noel asks what Nicola would do if she won a big sum of money, she says she would fit out a gym with new gym floor mats for a deprived hall she has visited. Noel asks the banker how confident he is feeling, he says that Nicola has impressed him with what she will be doing with some of the money should she win big and offers £35,000. Nicola goes to her mum for advice, mum says that Nicola knows what she is going to do, Nicola says no she doesn't! Noel chips in with 'you are in a powerful position and you have to decide if you want to make the most of it while you have the chance'. Nicola says NO DEAL

Noel builds up the tension and tells Nicola to focus now....
Round 4
22 - £500 BIG CHEERS for the blue and Nicola can't look now
8 - £35,000 Noel says that is almost alright at this stage
Noel is standing in front of the bank of reds and says that is why the studio is electric at the moment.
21 - £100,000 Big groans for that one

It's a shame that last one went says Noel, but the biggy is still there and her box can still contain a huge sum of money. The banker asks to speak to Nicola, she says he is lovely! He then offers her £35,000 again, and he has not really punished Nicola for the loss of the £100,000. Nicola goes to her mum again, she says she doesn't want Nicola to go away with nothing but the big one is still there. Ryan says he expected a lower offer and he doubts that she will see that offer again if she takes out the £250,000 in the next round. Nicola says DEAL

Round 5 - proveout round
3 - £20,000
6 - £75,000
17 - £250,000

It's an excellent proveout for Nicola and the banker would have offered

Round 6 - proveout round
20 - £3,000
18 - 1p
19 - £5

It's time for the banker time with £1 and £50,000, and he would have offered £17,500. Nicola says she would have said NO DEAL on that offer...

Noel opens Nicola's box 4 and reveals £50,000! Box 9 contains £1

Noel congratulates Nicola on her win of £35,000, but also says there was more in the game and does his courage speech again to the remaining contestants encouraging them to go for the win as Laura has done.

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