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Friday, January 12, 2007

Brian's Game Report

Can we get a win over the banker today? The banker has had his own way since Laura's jackpot on Sunday, hopefully today that can be changed... In Noel's intro to the show he talks about just the banker's victories this week as well, Jasmine also gets a mention about her amazing start in her game...

It's Brian's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' and he has box 11 today, we learn Brian is a retired electrician from Lancashire, will we have loads of electrical puns today? Brian has his wife Valerie in the studio for support today and we learn how they first met on a blind date, and also how Valerie arranged everything from their engagement to their wedding! Brian tells us about his prostate cancer he has had, and how he is going to give a chunk of his winnings to a charity for this after his game.

Brian tells us about the system he is going to use today and it's based on his golf clubs
Stroke index system and he produces a scorecard from his golf club, not sure what happens after 18 boxes though as the system will only work for 18!

Round 1
12 - £500
15 - £5,000
6 - £35,000
1 - £20,000
10 - £50

Brian starts to choose his next box and Noel does his NOOOOOO scream!! He asks if his golf scoring is that bad and if he cheats on his scorecard!!!! Noel asks the banker if he likes golf and he replies that he thinks it's an expensive game of marbles!!!! The banker offers £9,000 + a duvet for every member of the audience!!!! The banker thinks it could be a long game with all of Brian's ramblings!!! Brian says NO DEAL

Round 2
13 - £250
18 - £750
Brian needs to study his scorecard again and so Noel calls a break on Channel FORE!
9 - £3,000

Noel stops Brian from choosing another box again, Brian says that he is always impatient and his wife has a nickname for him, but he won't tell us as he doesn't want any stick from his mates back at home on the golf course!! Noel reckons he knows what it is! He says it's 'Too soon Brian'!! The banker calls and says how much do you want to go!!! He then offers £18,000, he says it's the final hole. Brian says it's a great offer, but NO DEAL

Round 3
2 - £250,000 Big groans as the big one goes
3 - £10
14 - £5

Noel starts coughing to stop Brian picking another box and Brian still looks to pick one!! Noel gets the pilgrims to join in with the coughing but Brian still tries to pick Elton!! Noel picks up the phone and says hello Mr Bunker!! Noel tells him we are having 16 boxes a round!! It's a new game! The banker offers £19,000, Brian goes to Daniel for advice, he says to go on as there are still 3 big ones there, Brian says NO DEAL

Round 4
Elton next and he thanks Noel for the lend of a shirt as he's wearing a shirt that would make Noel proud!! He then wishes Brian good luck as there is still a 'fairway' to go!!
5 - £1,000 Brian picks box 4 next and Noel ducks at the shout of FORE!!!
4 - 10p
Brian goes to Gabrielle next but we don't see him get a lucky feather!
17 - £75,000 Brian could have done with a lucky feather there!!

Brian says his short game is suffering at the moment and he suffers from the yips on the green!! It's a golfing thing where you get the shakes while putting, Brian then demonstrates what happens and Noel joins in with the demo! The banker wants to know the nickname that Valerie has for Brian is! If Brian doesn't tell him what his nickname is the offer is £15,000, BUT if Brian tells the banker it goes up to £20,000!

Valerie has to write down the name in the book so they can check that he gives the correct name!! Brian reveals the nickname is FLASH!! Noel says his nickname for Brian was better than that and then starts with a song of FLASH AHHH AHHHH!!! Brian says DEAL

He explains that he dealt because it gives him the chance to give his donation to the charity as he promised and he didn't want to risk losing everything and being able to donate.

Round 5 - proveout round
16 - £15,000 Newbie Jane
7 - £10,000
8 - £100,000 Big cheers as the highest value goes

The banker calls and would have offered £9,000, Brian says he still would have said DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
20 - 1p
19 - £50,000 BIG cheers as Brian takes out the last remaining red
22 - £100

It's time for the banker with 50p and £1 remaining, he would have offered 72p, Brian would have said NO DEAL

Noel opens Brian's box 11 and reveals 50p, box 21 has the £1

Brian gets a nice win over the banker and Noel congratulates him on the win and his game.

Noel closes the show out by saying he hopes we get more down to earth players like Brian and wonders if we will get another £250,000 this Sunday.

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