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Monday, January 22, 2007

Pam's Game Report

Noel does a quizzical intro to the show asking No questions except one? Although we all think there are two questions now with the SWAP option being offered so much lately! Noel talks about Ryan's game yesterday and the great battle with the banker and how he finally took the best offer in the game and dealt at the perfect time.

Pam has box 6 today and says it's a bit of shock as she has only been there for 11 games and expected to be there a bit longer. Pam says it's very emotional on the wings as people play their games and she has a toilet roll hidden under the bench!! Noel goes over and finds it!! Noel gets out the DOND red box of tissues for her game. Pam runs a pub and has a dream of doing the Cresta run in Switzerland! Pam has a bunny on top of her box and we learn she takes in and looks after rabbits that have been badly treated, so the bunny is for luck.

Round 1
Pam says there are so many numbers and boxes! Noel says yes 21 out there!!
12 - £250,000 Phil does it again - Pam says that's OK as it gets it out the way now and she doesn't have to worry about it.
10 - £50,000 More groans as another power 5 goes
2 - £35,000 more groans
20 - 10p Cheers for the first blue
17 - £1,000

Pam says it's not a disaster as there are a few more blues to take out in later rounds now, Noel says that it was a ghastly start although the banker won't know much about Pam as she hasn't been on the wings all that long. The banker says thanks for the opening round and also does Pam run 'Watership down and out'!!! The banker thinks everyone is being quiet today as the game is already over!!! He offers £999.99, Pam wonders what the offer means and says NO DEAL

Round 2
22 - £15,000 a few more groans
15 - £500 Cheers for the blue
Noel tells Pam about Gaz's £100,000 game and asks Pam if she thinks she could replicate his game, she does. Pam wants some Blue chants to help here
19 - £5 They work

Pam says that the board is starting to balance up now, Noel says the banker will like it as the 1p is still there and the £250,000 has gone. Pam says there is a bit of good in everyone, Noel says well almost but there is one person who is dialling a phone now who hasn't any good in him!! The banker offers £7,300, Pam says there are still loads and loads of blues, which can only be a good thing, Noel says yes as long as you can find them. Noel asks is there anyone who thinks Pam should start the car and go? Then the banker calls and Noel picks up the phone and then hangs up on him!! Pam says NO DEAL

Round 3
11 - 50p
16 - £5,000
14 - £20,000 Groans for that one and Noel says we didn't want that

Noel says the banker is going to like this board now, as it's getting dangerous with the 2 high values getting isolated. Pam says how difficult it is when sat in the crazy chair and how easy it looks when at home, says yes it is a bit different and also why did you apply?! Pam starts digging a big hole for herself by saying she applied for the show to meet him as he is one of the people she grew up watching! Noel makes a joke about it all and then the banker calls and says I can't believe I'm talking to Noel!! He then offers £8,400, Pam asks the pilgrims what they would do, they all say NO DEAL, Noel asks anyone who would DEAL to stand up and no one does!! Noel says that normally you get one who just wants to be on the telly. One person does say DEAL and Noel goes to them for a chat and walks away making chicken noises! Pam says NO DEAL

Round 4
Noel gets a chair for the person (Sandra) who said DEAL and puts it on the stage for her to join Pam!!!
4 - £10 Cheers as newbie Tim delivers a blue
18 - £50 More cheers
It's box 7 next but Noel calls a break saying it's now the whole studio against Sandra the poor woman who said DEAL!!! After the break Sandra is still perched in the 'Lonely chair'
7 - 1p BIG cheers and applause for the 1p

Noel goes straight to Sandra and says how do you feel? She says I really hope that Pam gets the £100,000, and Noel allows her to return to her seat with the other Pilgrims. The banker says that Sandra is a rose in a studio full of very thick thorns!!!! He then offers £13,100, Noel says that is a perfectly pitched offer, Pam goes to Dennis who says that Pam is still in a good position at the moment and the odds are still in her favour, Pam says NO DEAL

Round 5
8 - £10,000
13 - £100 Big shouts and cheers
Chants of BLUE start
9 - £75,000

Noel calls it a one-box game now and says the banker is going to give Pam a hard decision now. The banker calls and says he would love to offer Pam £5,000 but feels it should be a little bit more and offers £9,999.99. Noel says now it's a decision to cut and run or gamble and risk it all for a bigger win. Noel gets out the DOND tissues as Pam struggles on the decision, Dennis asks what is worrying her at the moment, Pam says her instinct is saying to go on but there is a little voice saying don't be stupid and take the £10,000, Noel says I wouldn't advise doing the Cresta run, Bunney says his instinct when he heard the offer was to deal. Pam says DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
1 - £100,000 Yes, Yes, Yes says Noel
3 - £1
5 - £250

It's time for the banker with £750 and £3,000 remaining, he would have offered £1,300, Pam says she would have said NO DEAL

Noel opens box 6 and reveals £750, box 21 contains £3,000 along with a song from Bunney!! Noel says it's a shame to end the show on a low point of a Bunney song!!!

Noel closes out the show saying how different the show is on the screen to actually playing it for real in the studio as Pamela found out today.

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