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Friday, January 26, 2007

Stella's Game Report

Noel goes through a rather strange selection of expressions in his opening gambit today!! He talks about Ray's game and how that sometimes the crazy chair is the scary chair, he mentions about the banker's clever tactic of upping the offer mid-game and encouraging Ray to deal, which he did.

It's Stella's turn at the pound table today and she has box 18. Noel says Stella has cold hands, but he says things will warm up in a minute. We see some of Stella's pics of her husband and daughter, and also learn how she met her husband. She tells the pilgrims that she doesn't want a quiet game and also invites them to dance at any time...

Round 1
13 - £1 Big cheers for the opening blue
22 - £5,000
8 - £100
9 - £500
19 - £3,000

That wasn't bad says Stella, Noel says Stella is putting a lot of energy into her game and is as cool as a cucumber. The banker says that everything is going wrong for him and the current contestants are giving him a headache, as they are the bravest contestants for a long time. He offers £13,500, that was very nice says Stella, followed by NO DEAL

Round 2
3 - £50
12 - 1p Big cheers as the 1p goes and OMG says Stella, Noel says this is one of the most powerful positions we've seen at this stage
20 - £750 Big cheers

Noel asks at what point do we see the dancing? The banker also wants to know when the dancing starts, The banker thinks that Stella will go now and asks will you go for £19,000 which gets cheers, he then says how about £22,000 and finally £25,000. The banker’s offer is £25,000, Noel says that no one has walked at the second offer, but the banker is worried and doesn't like this. Bunney says it's a great offer, but also it's an amazing board, but remember that you are likely to start hitting some reds but he still thinks she should play on. Noel says remember its TAX FREE, and also there is the advantage that if she deals we don't have to hear a Bunney song!!! The banker calls back and says that if Stella doesn't take this offer she will dancing alone in the studio clutching the picture of her daughter with tears running down her face at the end of the show!!! Stella says NO DEAL

Round 3
2 - £10 Big Cheers and Noel starts to talk about the great position now
1 - £20,000
15 - £5

Noel says that Stella needs a reality check here as the banker is going to pitch this offer just right to give her a difficult situation. Noel chats with the banker and comes back with an offer of £123!! As if!! But then adds with £32,000 in front, so the real offer is £32,123. Stella goes to Dennis who says you cannot afford to hit 2 of the power 5 really in the next round. Stella says NO DEAL

Round 4
Bunney with a song next, Noel says there are buckets available!!
5 - £1,000
Noel says this is our 368th game and it's the strongest yet...
14 - £10,000 Newbie Bob
Noel builds up the tension and says we are watching a bit of history now
6 - £15,000 YES says Noel as the studio cheers

You've got the magic says Noel, he tells the banker that any mind games are not working now, he comes back with an offer of £50,000. Stella goes over to Bunney and Noel goes over to listen in on the chat! Stella tells Bunney he knows what she is thinking, but Noel says I don't!! Daniel points out the strong position and Dennis backs this up and says the banker is not playing games now he's playing serious money. Stella says NO DEAL

Round 5
11 - 10p The studio erupts
16 - £50,000
7 - £100,000 A few groans but Noel says it's OK

The banker says he is feeling confident now, and he thinks Stella was foolish to turn down the £50,000, he sticks and again offers £50,000. Stella goes to Dennis and he says he is disappointed and expected another £10,000, Phil says he would deal and to be careful as games can go wrong so quickly, Bunney says it all rides on keeping the £250,000 in play during the next round. Stella says DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
Noel says it's still possible to punish the banker now in the proveout
17 - 50p Phil has a low one...
10 - £250,000 Cheers as Gloria produces the big one. Noel wonders if the £75,000 will stay to the end again...
21 - £75,000 Big cheers

It's time for the banker with £250 and £35,000 remaining, the banker says he would have offered £15,050, Noel says well you've beaten him, and the banker hates the thought that everyone will be dancing in a moment!

Noel opens Stella's box 18 and reveals £35,000, box 4 contains the £250.

Stella continues a run of a nice few wins over the banker lately, can they continue?

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