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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Leanne's Game Report

What a game yesterday says Noel, he says that the banker was very sweaty, nervous and twitchy yesterday and advises the contestants to be cautious of the banker's offers as they are very clever at the moment, as he proved yesterday with the perfect offer to get Phil to deal at £26,000.

It's Leanne today and she has box 20, Noel says Leanne has very cold hands, we learn that Leanne met her husband at school and is really missing him at the moment as he isn't there for support in her game, she has her sister there though. We get to see a picture of her husband Kevin, Noel says he prefers her to him, and We get to see the card that Sarah made for Leanne, it shows box 17, which newbie Paul has today, we'll have to see what part that plays in the game.

Round 1
21 - £5
1 - £50,000 groans for the first power 5 values
11 - £250
8 - £35,000 some groans
2 - £50

The banker says that Leanne is like a rabbit caught in the headlights at the moment, he says that most players have chosen Leanne in their opening rounds while she has been on the wings. Noel says that the banker has started the games already as he is offering a romantic weekend in Rome + £10,000 spending money, Noel says it's a good opening offer with 2 of the power 5 going. Leanne says NO DEAL

Round 2
3 - 10p Big cheers as Alex delivers a low one
Leanne picks her hubbies shoe size next!! Noel says we will get to know him quite well after this game!!
7 - £3,000
Hubbies collar size of 15 next
15 - £20,000

The banker says he has been on the phone to Kevin's tailor, so he is now one step ahead of everyone!! He hasn't got many figures to work with at the moment so has come up with an offer of £15,705.50. It's very good says Leanne, she asks if anyone on the panel think she should deal. Noel says PANEL!! That's going a bit far!! Leanne says NO DEAL

Round 3
Leanne says she is going to keep 17 because of Sarah's card...
12 - £500
6 - £1
5 - £15,000

Noel says that the banker hates true love!! The banker says he can see Leanne and Kevin the opera, and proceeds to give a little story about how they met and the story of the opera!!! He finally offers £22,500, Leanne says if Kevin was there he would say to go on as the top 3 are still in play, Leanne says thank you very very very very much but NO DEAL

Round 4
4 - £10
14 - £75,000 Groans...
Leanne says she thinks we need a song!! Noel says we need a break to give everyone the chance to get earplugs for one of Bunney's songs!!! On the return from the break Noel has tissues in his ears and shouts out the welcome as he prepares for Bunney's song!!
16 - £750

Noel says the loss of the £75,000 might not be a big deal as the 2 biggies are still there. The banker picks up on Leanne's Panel comment, and says he is now a panel beater!!! He offers £26,000, Noel says it's the same as Phil's exit figure yesterday and another mind game from the banker. Leanne goes to her sister who says that Kevin would say to go on as she still has the top 2 there. Leanne thinks about what would happen if the top 2 went, and she thinks about the 1p that is still in play... Noel asks what would upset you more, to lose the £26,000 or to have lost the opportunity of winning £100,000 or £250,000, Leanne says if she went on and won 1p and turned down £26,000. Leanne says DEAL

Round 5 - proveout round
Noel does his possible massive mistake speech...
9 - £10,000
22 - 1p Groans as the lowest value goes
18 - £1,000 NO OH WOW says Noel,

Noel says this is the situation that people dream about, Laura gets her mention again... The banker would have offered £52,000, Noel says you were a few seconds away from double the money, he gets the tissues out again for Leanne. Noel says there is something happening at the moment with BIG money staying until the end, is it the Sarah factor?

Round 6 - proveout round
10 - 50p Big groans and Noel says this is turning into a nightmare!
19 - £100 Total shock all around the studio!! OMG says Leanne, she can't believe it
Noel really builds up the drama, and says that if the £5,000 goes next it's the biggest player disaster in the history of the game and Leanne will be in the hall of fame for the wrong reasons!!
13 - £5,000 Total shock around the whole studio - OMG says Leanne

It's time for the banker time with £100,000 and £250,000 remaining, Noel says it was your lucky day Leanne and this offer is going to be huge!!!! The banker would have offered £172,000, this receives gasps from all around the studio, Noel does a big speech about how often the £250,000 could have been won lately with a little more courage.

The whole studio is in silence as Noel is about to open the box, he opens Leanne's box 20 and reveals £100,000, box 17 contains £250,000.

Sarah predicts the £250,000 box again! Noel says it's incredible how accurate Sarah has been in her predictions. Leanne says she is obviously gutted but at least she gets in the hall of fame and also had a great time. Noel says there are a lot of people out there that would love £26,000.

Noel closes out the show saying he's disappointed as yet again the £250,000 stayed until the end and if Leanne swapped she would have won it, he wants to know where the courage is to make the most of the moment in the crazy chair, he hopes it there in spade-loads tomorrow...

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leanne is amazing - kevin is a lucky fella!