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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ray's Game Report

Noel talks about Sarah with her psychic ability and how it not only helped her have a big win in her game, but it also helped Julie walk away with £75,000 yesterday.

It's Ray today and he makes his way to the pound table with box 12 with a clock in the shape of a soldier perched on top of it. Ray is very nervous and is shaking while sat at the table, Noel says the clock is horrible and Ray gives us a demonstration of its alarm call! Noel gets to like it after the demo! He tells Ray he's more cheerful than he looks, as he looks like a professional mourner!!! Ray doesn't like to be called Raymond, as it doesn't sound like a proper mans name! Noel says well what do you think about the name Bunney, Ray says he would rather not comment! We get to see a picture of Ray in the T.A. where he served for 22 years, and he also has a good luck card and a list of numbers, which are his grandchildren's birthdays.

Round 1
1 - £5,000 Not bad says Ray
11 - £250,000 Big groans
2 - £10 Cheers for the first blue
14 - £500
3 - £3,000

You're not going to be a quarter of a millionaire says Noel, but Ray says the one below it will do! The banker confirms that Ray prefers to be called Ray before offering £6,006, Noel says it's based on Ray's clock being 6 hours fast or slow. Ray says NO DEAL. The banker calls back and has a gift for Ray! It's a new badge that says RAYMOND!!!! The banker is playing games already, Ray says he's not such a nice banker after all.

Round 2
21 - £20,000
4 - 50p
9 - £250

The banker says he doesn't like players who come to the pound table and pretend to be something they aren't and don't present their true character, but he respects Ray as he hasn't done that, he then offers £11,500. Ray says it's a real good offer and he's not that bad after all, but NO DEAL

Round 3
5 - £50
6 - 1p Andrew delivers the 1p and Ray is really happy with that
Ray has his next number but it's Phil's box!! Noel calls him Dr Death!! Phil wishes him luck and says Ray is sound as a pound
15 - £1 Phil breaks his run and spookily reveals the £1!!!!

Noel says this one is sneaking up on the banker. The banker has another gift for Ray if he deals on this next offer! It will be a hand-made silk dressing gown with Raymond the Gigolo on it!! He offers £20,000, that's chunky money says Noel, he asks if Ray will write his target in the book, he will and does. Ray says NO DEAL

Round 4
Ray says this will be a dicey one now and chooses Bunney!! Ray puts his fingers in his ears as Bunney delivers another song!
7 - £750 Ray gets a big hug from Bunney! Noel says he's going to treasure that moment for a long time!
16 - £50,000 Groans for that one...
8 - £35,000 Groans as another power 5 goes

Two big'uns are still there says Ray and they look juicy, Noel tells the banker that if he makes the wrong offer here it could cost him a lot of money. The banker says that Ray's target has already been offered, he thinks that Ray's target is £20,000 and therefore although he was tempted to lower the offer he sticks and offers £20,000. Ray says he's on a different planet to him and NO DEAL

Round 5
17 - 10p Newbie Mary
20 - £100,000 That was a mistake says Ray, Noel tells him to stay focused
13 - £10,000 We wanted it lower says Noel

Noel says it's a frightening board now and the next offer will test Ray, Tony thinks the banker will stick again, Noel says oh look a flying pig!! The banker offers £13,900, he was tempted to offer £8,000 as he thinks Ray will hit the £75,000 next round. Ray says it's a good offer, he gets opinions that it's a very good offer and it depends how brave he is feeling. The banker calls back!! He says that as everyone thinks the offer is bigger than expected he is changing it!!! Everyone groans until Noel reveals it's £15,000, Ray says that has increased the pressure now, he says DEAL

Round 6 - proveout round
10 - £1,000
18 - £100
19 - £15,000 It's not good enough says Noel

It's time for the banker with £5 and £75,000 remaining, he is laughing and would have offered £31,100! Noel starts to rub it now saying how he could have had so much more and wonders if he could have had even more in his box as well.

Noel opens Ray's box 12 and reveals £5, box 22 contains £75,000, box 22 has it again 2 days running!!

There is huge relief around the studio and Ray says he is sound as a pound now, Noel says he's really enjoyed Ray's game.

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