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Monday, January 08, 2007

Craig's Game Report

It's going to be very interesting today to see where the banker goes with his offers after Laura's fantastic game yesterday winning the jackpot of £250,000.

Noel welcomes us all to the dream factory and says 'At last after 351 shows we have our jackpot winner' - he also reveals that Laura said if the offer was over £50,000 yesterday she would have dealt! Did the banker's tactics backfire on him then?

It's Craig's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' and he has box 8 today. Craig has his girlfriend in the audience with him today, we learn he is a plumber who is never without jobs as friends and relations always have small jobs for him to do!! We also get to see a few of Craig's pics...

Round 1
Craig goes straight to Bunney who gives us a little song before opening his box!
1 - £15,000 There is a groan which Noel says is for Bunney's song!!
Craig brings out Timmy the tortoise his lucky charm and Noel recites a poem that he says is all his own work
3 - £100 Cheers for the first blue
13 - £50,000
11 - £75,000 Newbie Peg - Curse of the newbie says Noel!!
15 - £50

It's OK says Craig, Noel wonders what mood the banker will be in today, he says he is not going to be happy. It looks as though Noel is going to enjoy his chat with the banker as he starts laughing when the phone rings. Noel answers the phone and continues laughing, he says it's the banker's mum on the phone!! He has locked himself in his room after yesterday's game!!! She says that he is a good lad really, he just got in with the wrong crowd when he was younger! The banker finally comes onto the phone and he is heard crying down the phone! The banker has remembered what Craig said while on the wings that he would never consider a deal while the £250,000 was still in play, with this in mind the banker doesn't make a financial offer but instead gives Craig the chance to swap his box with any box remaining in play! Craig says NO SWAP

Round 2
Stuart wants the banker's name changed to bankrupt!
6 - £1,000
22 - £500
Craig goes to Stella next but Noel calls a break while he sends the box of DOND tissues to the banker!
2 - £35,000

Noel has been looking up some stats again and it was 5 months before the £250,000 came to the table and since then it's been on the table 5 times, he says that there is no reason why it can't be there again today. Noel asks if the banker got the tissues! The banker sets a new record for the show by offering another SWAP and no financial offer! Craig says NO SWAP

Round 3
10 - £250
19 - £750
Craig goes to Gabrielle next, and he gets the lucky feather from her slipper, Noel gets Gabrielle to come out from the wings for us to see her slippers!
14 - £3,000

Craig says the board is looking good. Will the banker offer another swap? Or will it be money this time? The banker has given Noel a note from the banker to read to Craig and the other contestants, it's a poem about Laura and it looks like he's going to be meaner than ever from no on!! He offers Craig another SWAP!! Craig says NO SWAP

Round 4
Stuart does a speech about records being continuously broken around the world and for all the contestants to remember that and although the £250,000 went yesterday it can all be done again, Noel backs this speech up.

4 - £250,000 BIG groans
21 - £5,000
17 - £1 Big cheers for the blue from Ryan

Noel calls it almost a one-box game now, but with the £250,000 gone now we might get a financial offer. The banker passes a message to the contestants that he doesn't scare easily and to keep that in mind with anything they may say, because Craig said he was going to keep going while the £250,000 was in play he would have offered SWAPs all through the game!!! The banker offers £15,000, Craig says NO DEAL

Round 5
16 - £100,000 BIG groans
5 - £5
20 - 1p Big cheers for the 1p

Disappointing but a good recovery says Noel, the banker doesn't like Noel mentioning Laura's name, so Noel suggests he uses "The Welsh player". The banker offers £5,000, Craig says NO DEAL

Round 6
18 - £10,000 groans all around
12 - 50p big cheers
7 - 10p BIG CHEERS

It's time for the banker with £10 and £20,000 remaining, Noel says Craig is brave to get into this position, he says that Craig cannot rely on the banker offering a swap if he says no deal, so he should consider the offer and whether or not he thinks he has the £20,000 in his box. The banker offers £7,500, the offer receives a mixed reaction to start with, Noel says the banker is looking for a victory to console himself for yesterday's game! Craig says NO DEAL

The banker calls back and has something for Craig which he says Craig will need when he opens the box, it's the tissues back!! The banker says he is definitely NOT offering the swap!

Noel opens Craig's box 8 and reveals £10! Box 9 contains £20,000.

The atmosphere in the studio could not be more different from yesterday's game and Craig's courage to take the game all the way to the end is not rewarded in the same way as Laura's game. The banker certainly played games today with Craig and sent out some messages to the remaining contestants, it will be interesting to see how the games play out this week after today's result.

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