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Friday, January 19, 2007

Sarah's Game Report

Noel welcomes us to the dream factory again and talks about Stuart's game yesterday and how he was very disappointed for Stuart and also at the game, as the boxes didn't fall right for him and produce the win that they both hoped for.

It's Sarah's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' today and she does so with box 3, Noel says Sarah is the greatest psychic we've ever had on DOND and he's really been looking forward to her game as her predictions have been so accurate in the past, she even got the prediction about Laura's box right. Sarah is a costume freelancer, she makes costumes and dresses, she hands Noel a hand-drawn card which has a picture of Noel and the DOND set! She also has one for the banker. Sarah has no strategy for her game and will rely on her intuition...

Round 1
19 - £750
16 - £1
14 - £75,000 Phil does it again, Sarah didn't really want to choose him but thought he can't keep getting high ones...
17 - £3,000
20 - £100,000 Big groans on that one

Noel asks what he can do to relax Sarah!! This makes Sarah go into a fit of giggles as she says it was the way he just said that!! The banker says he has lined all the boxes with lead today so that Sarah can't see inside them!! He is so impressed with the card Sarah has made for him he sends it back out so we can all see it, it's a drawing of a bald man sat in a fireside chair on the telephone. The banker is a little unsure about Sarah's powers and believes that Sarah is trying to con him with them and so offers no money!! Instead Sarah gets the chance to SWAP her box...

The banker wants to know if Sarah trusts her powers, Sarah goes to Dennis who thinks she should swap for some reason but he's not sure why. Sarah says she knows what box she would swap for, so gets advice from Leanne to go for it then if she knows what number she wants. Julie says swap for mine and holds up box 20, which has already gone with £100,000!! Sarah SWAPS for box 21

Round 2
13 - £35,000 Groans
15 - £20,000 more groans....
Sarah says the good number is in her box, she goes to Bunney next and Noel asks if he has a song for her, he does and Noel tells us to grab some earplugs in the break to prepare for it!! After the break Noel says we are going to get one of Bunney's horrible songs now and sticks his fingers in his ears while Bunney delivers his song!!!
12 - £5,000

Sarah says she is still feeling confident that she has the £250,000 in her box. Noel has a horrible thought, as he was about to say this is your first money offer coming, but it might not be as the banker might offer a second swap!! Sarah says he can offer another swap if he likes, the banker thinks Sarah made a bad swap as at the time there were more blues on the board than reds, so she was more likely to choose a blue! The banker offers £3,333, Sarah says NO DEAL

Round 3
10 - £15,000
Noel talks about Sarah having 7 reds in a row and will equal 1p Nick now who had 8 reds in row if this next one is a red!
18 - £1,000 Newbie Alex receives a groan
1 - 1p BIG CHEERS and relief all around for a blue

The banker thanks Sarah for the run of 8 reds in a row! And offers £8,888, Sarah says it's a good offer and Noel says to think about this offer, as it's a very dangerous board. Dennis says it's a good offer, but it's also a very tempting board, Noel draws a comparison to Laura's game with a similar board. Sarah says NO DEAL

Round 4
4 - £500 Cheers for another blue
6 - £250 More cheers
Noel builds up the tension before the next box and compares it again to Laura's game...
8 - £50 Big cheers

Sarah gets the all blue round that she so needed, Noel says it's amazing and he's starting to shake now. He says Sarah is in a strong position now, although it's still dangerous, he starts to wonder if Sarah has swapped for the £250,000. Noel says the banker has a different tone of voice now, the banker has latched onto that Sarah doesn't think things happen twice in a row, so he believes that Sarah doesn't believe she will have a game like Laura, he offers £14,999. The same offer that Laura had at this time, Julie says that the banker is testing Sarah's courage now, so she has to go with what she believes in and her own feelings, Sarah says NO DEAL

Round 5
5 - £5 Big cheers for that one, Sarah says she thought £5 for that one..
11 - £10,000 A few oohs followed by it's alright
2 - 50p BIG cheers and shouts

The banker calls straight away!! He offers £36,400, Oh my god says Sarah. Noel talks about the £250,000 win again, and wonders if there will be more £250,000 winners coming quite quickly now and will one of them be Sarah. Noel says one thing is guaranteed and that is if Sarah goes on she will get a bigger offer than the £45,000 Laura was offered if she doesn't hit the £50,000 and £250,000. Sarah says DEAL

Round 6 - Proveout round
22 - £50,000 Cheers for that one...
7 - £100 Arrgggh says Noel and wonders if Sarah's psychic powers have been working all the time
Sarah chooses 3 next and Noel says in a weird way we want the £250,000 in there now
3 - 10p Groans all around for that one and Noel wonders if Sarah now has the £250,000

It's time for the banker time with £10 and £250,000 remaining, the banker would have offered £50,000. The offer Laura says she would have dealt at if the banker had offered it, Sarah says she would have played on there as she would have believed she had the £250,000.

Noel opens Sarah's box 21 and reveals £250,000!! There are groans all around the studio as Sarah holds her head in her hands, Noel says it's unbelievable and Sarah has proved that the £250,000 can be won over and over again. Box 9 contains the £10.

Noel closes out the show by saying Sarah will have a little niggling voice for a while saying that she could have won so much more.

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