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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Elton's Game Report

Noel talks about Ryan's game and how he took the banker on but knew when to quit, he also mentions Pam's game from yesterday in which Pam also knew when to quit, but he also describes it as a lovely game as Pam took away more than just money, she took away an amazing experience and also a new inner self-confidence.

It's Elton's turn to take the walk of wealth today, as he does they start playing Elton John music!! It's I'm still standing, although he'll be sitting in the crazy chair! Although it seems to be edited in after the show was recorded as no one reacts to the music!! Very strange!!

Elton is a cocktail bar manager, but at the moment works as a furniture upholsterer as a stop gap until he wins the £250,000 and opens his own cocktail bar. He shows a few picks of his family and he also has a picture from one of his stepdaughters for the banker.

Round 1
Elton calls Bunney first to get him out the way with his song!
3 - £10 Noel says Bunney's not a tenor but his box was!
1 - £20,000
11 - £1
14 - £15,000 a few groan
9 - £3,000

Noel reads from Elton's file and if he could live his life again he would be a horror film makeup artist, Noel says he's done a good job on Ray already!! The banker says he's very excited today and Noel tells him it's NOT that Elton! The banker has dressed up for today and is wearing his special G-String! - It's your Thong says Noel! & It feels a little bit funny! (Nice Elton John puns there!). He then makes an opening offer of £11,111, Elton says NO DEAL

Round 2
15 - £100,000 Big groans as the first power 5 goes
7 - £75,000 more groans as another power 5 goes!!
Noel wonders if this is going to be the worst round in DOND history.
17 - £5 Relief as it's a blue

Noel asks Elton to read his game, he says that obviously he's lost 2 big numbers but he says that everything happens for a reason and he's happy with his game at the moment. Noel wonders where the banker will go now as the banker thinks Elton is brave and that was a great last offer. The banker offers £6,666; Elton says it's still a good offer but NO DEAL

Round 3
20 - £35,000 Ouch says Elton
5 - 10p
22 - £50

Noel asks if Elton finds anything familiar in the board, he says it looks a little like Laura's, Noel says yes and also Sarah's board where the £250,000 and £50,000 were left with little backup. Noel asks if Elton would like to speak to the banker when he calls, Elton speaks to the banker who asks about his game, he tells him he's picked a few boxes and there are a few left! Noel says he doesn't think the banker likes him, the banker offers £4,000, Oh well says Elton, followed by NO DEAL

Round 4
19 - £750 Cheers for the blue
Elton thinks about 13 but it's Phil's box and he is a little afraid due to Phil's reputation of big numbers, he decides to go with him though....
13 - £250,000 Phil does it again!!!
21 - 1p Cheers for the 1p

Noel wonders what the banker is going to now, he asks Julie what figure he has in mind, she asks 'Her figure?' She then says £45,000. The banker is still asking about Julie being Britons smallest bunny girl, and then offers £5,000. Dennis says he is surprised by that offer although looking at the board it's a reasonable offer but he can't see Elton going for £5,000. Richard says he thinks there is another round in the game, and Daniel thinks the same. Elton says NO DEAL

Round 5
12 - £100
16 - £50,000 Groans all around the studio
4 - £500

The banker says he enjoyed that round and offers £2,500, Elton says he was thinking £3,000 so it's about right, and then says NO DEAL

Round 6
A small chant of BLUE BLUE BLUE starts
10 - 10p
More chants
6 - £5,000 Newbie Kay
More chants
2 - £250 BIG cheers

It's time for the banker with £10,000 and £1,000 remaining, Andrew thinks the banker will offer £3,000. The banker offers £4,400, Noel says this is another testing offer. Millie says she would play until the end in a very round about and confusing way!! Noel asks is she at the bar all night back at the hotel, Elton says yes on the gins!!! Elton says NO DEAL.

Noel does a little speech about justice and really wants £10,000 in Elton's box, the banker calls and offers the SWAP. Elton says SWAP, Noel swaps the boxes and Elton now has 18, he wonders if he has just carried away the £10,000 or brought it to Elton. Noel opens Elton's box 18 and reveals £1,000! Box 8 contains £10,000.

That was disastrous says Noel after a good run of swaps lately, Elton says he really enjoyed the game and his time while on the show, and that as he said earlier that everything happens for a reason.

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