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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Catherine's Game Report

The big question on everyone's lips today is will Noel be wearing his fluffy pink slippers? He's not in the slippers, but he makes up for it in his shirt, it's the burgundy creation with birds on!!! Noel says we are still glowing from Gabrielle's game yesterday where she produced a great win from what was looking like a potentially horrible game.

Catherine has box 6 today, she's single but working hard not to be! We learn she works for social services but has only been working for them for 9 hrs!!! She took the job just after receiving the call to say she was on the show! She told them she would take the job if they let her have the time off to appear on the show, although she says she won't be going back if she wins the £250,000!! We see a pic of Catherine's daughter, but she says she not going to say if she is missing her so that the banker cannot play any emotional games, Noel says she is very sharp and is playing it right so as to not give anything away to the banker. She has her dad in the audience for support, and we learn that Catherine sent in 40 applications to get on the show.

Round 1
Catherine goes to newbie Millie first! As she wants to break the curse!
19 - £500
3 - £3,000
15 - £15,000 D'oh says Catherine!! Noel says there is a theory that it's ok to take out the middle reds early
12 - £5
10 - 1p

Catherine gets excited when the phone rings and Noel asks if she still gets excited when it rains!! The banker says Oh Lordy!! And that after 39 NOs on her application someone must have said Oh let her on the show and get her through quickly !! He says she tried to appear dizzy on the wings but she's not fooling him and he thinks she is very smart. he offers £10,040. Catherine says that's a very good offer and Noel says well it's a very good board, Catherine says you have lovely eyes Noel and NO DEAL

Round 2
2 - £35,000 A few groans for that one
Catherine reveals that on her first time guiding Andrew she walked him straight into a bollard!!! She goes to him next..
1 - £75,000 He got his own back says Noel!!
Catherine wants a blue chant!
21 - £20,000 The chants turn to groans!!

Noel tells the banker to stop laughing, the banker says Catherine is his type of girl as anyone who walks a blind man into a bollard is good in his books! Andrew says that during Craig's he made a deal with the crew that if the banker kept sticking he would give them £50 to allow him around the back to give the banker a good thumping!! He will offer £100 now if the banker doesn't give a good offer to carry out the same thumping! Noel says the banker is punishing her by offering £5,020!
Catherine asks the pilgrims if they think she should go on and does the board look good! Everyone shouts YES and tells her to go on... Catherine says NO DEAL

Round 3
Catherine goes to Stuart next who asks Noel what he has to do as he has totally forgotten what to do!! Noel tells him if he produces a red he will go over and whack him around his head with the box!!
16 - £50,000 BIG groans for that one and Noel makes Stuart say sorry! Noel then goes around and puts the box over Stuart's head!!
9 - £100
7 - £5,000 Arrghh says Noel

Noel says we are suffering today as the big numbers keep going! The banker is worried about the threats issued by Andrew!! He banker offers £12,500, Catherine looks confused and asks Noel why is the banker raising the offer? Noel says it's because the two largest sums of money are still in play. The banker calls back and asks to speak to Catherine, she asks him to up the offer a little more as it's a good board, he calls her a pocket rocket! The banker DOES increase the offer, it's now £12,500.10! Catherine has a little chat with Pam and then says NO DEAL

Round 4
17 - £10 BIG CHEERS and shouts
14 - £10,000 Groans for that, but Noel says it's not a disaster
Noel says it's a dangerous position now as the top 2 are totally isolated, he tells Catherine to really focus now and not to think about the doom and gloom
8 - 10p Big cheers for that one

That's better says Noel and to continue to think positive. The banker thinks Catherine would quit now with his next offer of £21,000. Catherine says it's a great offer and Leanne tells her to think carefully, Noel tells her to remain focused and remember this is real money. Stuart says it's still a great board but she needs to remain focused and think blue, he offers blue chants all through the next round if needed, Bunney gives a positive speech as well. Catherine says DEAL

Catherine tells Noel she couldn't risk it and that was her target.
Round 5 - proveout round
18 - £1,000
11 - £750 groans for that one
22 - 50p

Total shock in the studio as it's an all blue round, Catherine asks can we go back? The banker is laughing!!! Noel is really rubbing this in now talking about how so many people wanted her to go on for another round. The banker would have offered £55,000, Catherine would have said DEAL there.

Round 6 - proveout round
5 - £250 More groans
13 - £100,000 A few cheers for it
4 - £50 There are loads of groans as Noel says oh my lord

It's time for the banker with £250,000 and £1 remaining, Noel wonders if box 6 has brought the £250,000 to the table again as it did in Laura's game. The banker says he would have wanted to prove he still has bottle and would have offered £40,000, Catherine says she would have said DEAL

Noel opens box 6 and reveals £1, there are big cheers and relief all round, box 20 contains the £250,000.

Noel asks Catherine how she feels, she's happy but a little bit angry at herself for not going a little further, Noel says there is pressure while in the chair but that is what the game is all about and there is some consolation in that she would have never have won the £250,000.

Noel closes the show out by saying he thinks the lesson to be learned is to stay focused while playing the game as he feels Catherine lost her way a little, although she did come away with a nice sum of money.

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