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Friday, January 01, 2010

Haz's Deal or No Deal Game Report 01/01/10

Noel wishes everyone a Happy New Year. Noel says he's got a New Year Resolution to promote the niceness of the banker, but he doesn't think it'll last!

Haz has box 3. It looks like there are a few tweaks to the graphics too, so watch out for those. Noel has a go at Haz for his dress sense and says he looks like a reject from a ballet!!! Harry (Haz) is from Lancashire but he went to London on a whim and got a flat and a job! He says he experienced 2 muggings but he managed to run away. He says he they threatened to mash him up, and Noel asks Tina what that means!! Haz is currently applying to uni to study theatre. We get to see a pic of Haz and his sisters.

Round 1
The banker phones and wishes everyone a happy new year. He compares Haz to Gok Wan, Buddy Holly and Where's Wally and others!!! If Haz finds 1p or ANY value with a 10 in it in the opening round, everyone in the studio will get a bottle of bubbly.
Noel gets a drumroll to accompany all the box openings...
6 - Bel - £15,000
The values on the board have had a revamp, and there's now a window-blind type effect when a value goes off the board!
15 - Glenda - £3,000
2 - Courtney - 50p
10 - H - £5,000
7 - Nat - £500
They don't get their bubbly!!

Banker time
The banker says that's tough luck, losers!! He says he'll have a bath in the left over bubbly now. He's tempted to offer £2,010 but he says the board's too strong.

Banker's offer:

Haz says

Round 2
Haz touches the floor in order to touch wood so his game's not jinxed!! He gets Noel to say something negative so he can touch wood again!! He then gives Noel a lesson in touching wood!
8 - David - £1,000
Lyn now, and he says Haz has been a fantastic "whatever" Noel says how rude!
4 - Lyn - £250,000
The £250,000 graphic now explodes into a puff of black smoke!
Haz touches the floor again and Noel asks why he's wearing cartoon underpants!! Haz says it's so Noel has something to read if he falls over
5 - Shell - £250

Banker time
The banker says he was impressed by the way Haz took the loss of the £250,000.

Banker's offer:

Haz says

Round 3
Beth now, and she wishes Haz good luck, so he touches the floor again! Noel tries to find out what the players can and can't say to Haz...
17 - Beth - £100,000
9 - George - £100
Haz says the £250 went after the £250k and now the £100 went after the £100k, and how spooky it is. Noel starts to say something and Haz yells at him!! Haz touches the floor again. He says he wants to take his mum to Dubai, and he says he wants to meet the Little Mermaid, as he used to watch the film and pretend to be her in the bath Haz runs through what he'd say to her when he met her.
14 - Vikki - £20,000

Banker time
The banker says he has a problem as Haz made him laugh so hard that he's injured himself!

Banker's offer:

Haz says that's fantastic considering what happened. He says he'll only be in the chair once.

Haz says

Round 4
Debbie now, and Haz tells a story how he had a TV night in his room, and Debbie jumped on his bed!
18 - Debbie - 1p
Noel says that was the most enthusiastic 1p kiss ever
13 - Al - £750
Haz touches the floor again due to what Noel says....
21 - newbie Tom - 10p

Banker time
The banker says what a round.

Banker's offer:

Haz says it's not every day that you get offered £11,000. He runs through the options of what could happen in the next round. The banker phones back and says £11,000 is clearly more than Haz wanted. He speaks to Haz and tries to get him to deal. He says if Haz deals, everyone will get a bottle of bubbly each! The others ask if the money will fulfil his dreams. Lyn says he needs courage if he wants to win a lot more. Jardi asks if they sacrificed the champagne, would the banker nudge the offer up? The banker phones and says DEAL.

Banker's offer:
£12,000 but no champagne!

Haz says

Round 5 (proveout)
Noel says this has been a brilliant game.
20 - Adam - £1
1 - Jardi - £75,000
16 - Stephen - £50

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 (proveout)
Noel says Haz could still get a banker spanking.
11 - Harold - £5
12 - Chris - £10,000
Noel says that's not good enough!
19 - Carmine - £35,000

Banker time with £10 and £50,000 remaining

The banker says he's made a new resolution not to put players under a lot of pressure in the future! Noel says he's broken the resolution already...

Banker's offer:

Courtney says she has a really lucky feeling about Haz! Noel tells Haz to stay focussed. Noel's about to ask the question and the banker phones. He says that Haz should say "no deal" as he doesn't have the guts to say "deal"!

Haz says

He keeps the £12,000

Haz has £50,000 in his box 3

Box 22 with Tina contains the £10

Haz says he knew he had the £50,000 but he didn't want to say it and jinx it! He says he couldn't risk £12,000 on it though, and thought before the game that he may win £12,000! He says sorry to everyone for not winning them the bubbly! The banker phones back and says everyone can have a bottle of bubbly each anyway.
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