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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Debbie's Deal or No Deal Game Report 20/01/10

Noel says there are love/hate relationships on the east wing. He gives some examples, e.g. Laura loves neuroscience but she hates fish!

Debbie has box 18. Noel talks about Debbie being a bed bouncer. Debbie is a sales supervisor at a department store, and she explains how she met her partner Dave in the store. She has her friend Lucy in the audience today. She shows an old pic of her and her family when she was 7. She's wearing a mask in the pic as she'd fallen off a climbing frame! We also get to see a pic of Dave.

Round 1
Debbie has no system.
The banker phones and says he heard what Noel said about the newbie being scared about her box opening! He says if ANYONE mucks up a box opening today, a pilgrim will get thrown out each time!!
Newbie Emiliana now, and Noel chooses who'll get chucked out if she cocks up the box opening!
20 - newbie Emiliana - £3,000
Perfect box opening
15 - Tracey - £20,000
Groans for that one and Debbie asks for lots of noise today
6 - Dawn - £35,000
17 - Glenda - £15,000
Noel talks about the big hole that Debbie has in her reds! Noel asks Harold what he thinks, who says Debbie needs to find a blue! Debbie talks about an arrangement she has with Mark which involves their mouths!
21 - Harold - £50,000
Look at that, says Noel

Banker time
Noel talks about the big hole that Debbie has in her reds. Banker says Debbie has spark.

Banker's offer:

Not bad, says Debbie.

Debbie says

Round 2
Noel has some banter with Joyce about her drinking cider. Joyce gets the seal stuck to her finger as she opens the box!!
1 - Joyce - £100
Noel says the audience are worried now. He says they were like animals by the water when a crocodile appears, and he has banter with Joyce who tells him to leave her animals alone!!
4 - Ben - £1,000
7 - Becca - £750

Banker time
The banker says he feels really peckish and has a humbug now.

Banker's offer:

Debbie says that's a lot of money.

Debbie says

Round 3
12 - Mo - £100,000
19 - Jo - £50
14 - Mark - £250,000

Banker time
The banker says at the end of the show, he'll touch tongues with Mark. He says Debbie is in deep trouble now.

Banker's offer:

Debbie says

Round 4
9 - Matt - £500
13 - Yaser - £5,000
Down to 2 reds now, says Noel. But he says Debbie could have the £10k or £75k in her box. The banker phones and says he's had a vision that the next box will be the £75,000, followed by one of the lowest 4th offers ever.
8 - Courtney - 1p
Banker is totally wrong

Banker time
The banker says his vision was clouded by evilness, and that the pilgrims will dislike the offer.

Banker's offer:

Noel says most of Debbie's board is tears and regret. She asks her friend Lucy what she thinks and they talk about what regret would be bigger.

Debbie says

Round 5
5 - Justin - £1
10 - Chris - £10,000
Noel says this is frightening now. Debbie says she's leaving box 3 now.
11 - Laura - £75,000
All-blue 5-box

Banker time
Debbie says this is so bad that it's funny! The banker says Debbie is just unlucky.

Banker's offer:

Debbie says

Round 6
Noel says let's get Debbie the £250 now...
22 - Jean - £250
2 - Tom - £5
16 - Al - £10

Banker time with 10p and 50p remaining

Noel says that's one of the unluckiest games for years.

Banker's offer:

The others advise her to take 13p

Debbie says

Debbie has 50p in her box 18

Noel says Debbie could've had another life-changing 37p

Box 3 with Dave contains the 10p

Debbie says she's sure the others will give her some money!! She then says she's only joking. The banker phones back and says on 7th January 2007, a different player played on the show. Debbie asks did they deal at 13p!! The banker says no, it was Laura who won £250,000! He confirms that Debbie is the only person to win 13p.

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