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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Lyn's Deal or No Deal Game Report 06/01/10

Noel welcomes us the dream factory and talks about the exciting times we are having at the moment, and how Tina had a personality transformation where she was quite loud on the wings, but changed when playing her game and was quite quiet and really wore her heart on her sleeve which the Banker liked as she was being honest.

Lyn has box 15 today. Lyn is from Wales, and is involved in fire safety and explains a bit about his job which he has been doing since 1989, and Noel says he must be due for an 'extinguised' award for service Lyn has his wife in the audience for support today and tells us how they met. The Banker then calls as he felt compelled to call and tell a story! He says that just before game today Lyn and his wife had a big argument!! We get to see a picture of Lyn's 3 children. Noel asks Lyn if he is playing the game as a team with his wife or are they separate today because of the argument. Noel asks about the argument and Lyn says it is because he is trying to give up smoking at the moment and is always on edge.

Round 1
5 - £250,000 Tom
1 - £250 Newbie Tracey
8 - 50p Harold
16 - £35,000 Adam
6 - 10p Debbie

Banker time
The Banker says that first box really knocked the wind out of Lyn's sails, although he does know that Lyn is a great reader of the board, and he will not get involved in the argument between Lyn and his wife that happened before the game!

Banker's offer:
£5,000 + 25 packs of cigarettes

Lyn says

Round 2
2 - £75,000 David
Wow says Noel
7 - £5,000 Carmine
9 - £15,000 Bel

Banker time
The Banker says he is really touched as they witnessed something special during the break, and Lyn's wife came down and gave Lyn a kiss, and they filmed it and he is now going to show it on the gameboard He says that video really moved him.

Banker's offer:

Lyn says

Round 3
Lyn says he is afraid of Mo as he has had the £250,000 twice now!
3 - £750 Mo
21 - £50 Ben
17 - £100 H

Banker time
Noel points out the money ladder and the Banker says that they can cause all sorts of problems in a game.

Banker's offer:

Lyn says if he was on the wings he would be telling them there is another round in the game.

Lyn says

Round 4
13 - £50,000 Mark
The ladder is broken now says Noel
4 - £1,000 Courtney
10 - £20,000 Nat

Banker time
What a rotten round and the Banker has an advantage now says Noel. The Banker says it is unstable now.

Banker's offer:

H tells Lyn that he still has a chance of winning the £3,000 as it is on the board. Lyn says he has come for more than £3,000.

Lyn says

Round 5
11 - £5 Chris
12 - £500 Al
We are just seconds away from a perfect all blue round says Noel
19 - £10,000 Shell

Banker time
The 1p will be dragging this down says Noel. The Banker says this is a tough board to face.

Banker's offer:

Noel asks Lyn about him saying he needed more than the £3,000, and asks if it was a want or a need. Lyn says the £3,000 wouldn't pay off his mortgage and there are other things he would like to do with the money. Lyn gets his wife to join him at the pound table and asks her if they should 'risk it for a biscuit'. Lyn says that he promised his kids a nice holiday, and they have been away from them for a while now, and the £6,000 would give them a good holiday.

Lyn says

Round 6 - Proveout round
20 - £100,000 George
Now we all feel better says Noel
18 - £10 Jardi
14 - 1p Beth

Banker time with £1 and £3,000 remaining

The Banker says Lyn did well there

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens box 15 and reveals £3,000

Glenda with box 22 contains the £1
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