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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sue's Game Report

by Olivia

The boxes arrive on the scene and we join them. Noel welcomes and points out that there has been no quarter mil winner yet, but Noel wants to be positive on this Wednesday and is hoping we have the first one today.
Sue takes the walk of wealth today. A very calm looking woman who looks like she’s got her head set right. She strides across to the ‘crazy chair with a wide smile on her face. Does Sue have the formula for success? She carries on the usual routine and shows us some pictures of her ‘appy days’ but does not spend to long on them, maybe not trying to give to much away.

Sue is a gambler and that must be why she so calm she has her lucky coin with her and she’s ready to go.

Sue has box 16 with the unknown amount and in round one Steph has box 3. Steph’s box contains £10 and is a good start for Sue's game. Connell is next with box 21 chosen because Sue's daughter will be 21 soon. Sue's daughter cost her £100,000 so Sue changes the system but any parent should know that daughters aren’t cheap. Sue threatens to have a scrap with Connell but is distracted by Noel and goes on to choose box 5 containing 5,000. Next, box 4 held by Sarah who gets a grilling from Noel contains £1,000 Box 6 held by Simon has £100. Not a bad round apart from the £100,000.

Sue loves gambling and she does seem pretty calm on this one.
But she only gambles what she knows she can afford to lose, maybe the banker will pick up on the fact that she’s a practical woman

A brief mothers meeting chat from Noel and the Banker and we find out that the Banker is in fact is taking icy plunge baths, along with lance. (Sorry you must give me a moment I am currently trying to get rid of terrible images!!!) The Banker has latched onto sue saying that she only gamble s what she can afford. And he offers £6,400 not the best offer but ok for the board and the Banker thinks Sue is a smart cookie. No deal of course

Next round stats with Buddy and box 18, 10p - great cheers. Mark 8 had 100,000 yesterday and has 75,000 adding himself to Sue’s hit-list along with Connell and maybe, by the end of this game, the banker, if he’s stupid enough to mess with Sue.
Giorgio from the east wing starts our break for us with a very foreign accent ha. I always thought he was just faking it. Back to the game and Sue looks nervous and asks noel where he wants to go. Sue lives at number 13 and wants to choose box number 13.She should know that her house is blessed as box 13 contained £5.mNow there is a slightly strange moment in Sue’s game which I honestly didn’t expect! Sue has found a beetle on her table and she along with Noel has decided it must be named as it is a lucky beetle and the beetle knew name is Neal short for Neal or no Neal. Not recovering from the insanity the banker calls and tells us all about his pet beetle who was name Ringo, how very interesting. After that rather unusual moment the banker tells us his offer is £9,400. – Not bad. Sue looks serious but she is not disappointed and says no deal to 9,400

Next round.
Helen and box 7contains £1. Lance and number 10 give the £35,000 his number does not match his shirt. Chris and Box 12 take £50 out of the game. Noel can’t read Sue, which I’m guessing is the point for Sue. She has got her head set in the right place
For luck she sniffs Noels lucky tea bag after some persuasion Noel confirms that this is a new teabag. My question is how can it be a lucky teabag if he changes it!!??! The banker is offering 12,4000 there is some reaction from Sue but again difficult to tell whether this is good or bad. Sue is brave with a grave face and says no deal to £12,400.

Lindsay with box 2 has 1p well done says Noel to Sue you’ve got the formula,
Telling people what they’ve got in the box. Noel has a go and tells us that Box 20 will have 50p. Box 20 holds £10,000 not bad, but not 50p Noel! I don’t think the formula works for him. The game seems to be taking its toll on poor Neal (the bug) so for Neal’s sake Noel calls a break. Awww poor Neal it must be difficult playing deal or no deal when you’re a BUG!!!

Neal is still working his magic says Noel. This is getting ridiculous but I shall try and embrace the madness until the end of the game. Box14 contains the 50p, received by loud cheers.nThe banker calls for a chat and is bewildered about what the hell is going on. He certainly isn’t the only one. He is empathetic for poor Neal, who is currently wriggling around with his feet on the air, and offers a quid to get him back on his feet. The offer is £18,401. Oh Dear God!! The tension is suddenly built to a peak as we wait to see, not if Sue takes the deal but if poor Neal who has stopped moving is in fact alive not. The whole room is watching in utter terror to find the outcome of the new game, Neal or no Neal. Luckily the outcome is Neal and everyone can relax as Neal begins to wave his feet in the air again. The poor fellow is still upside down.

Paul with box7 steals £250,000 from the game. Neal stopped and so has the game. It’s now on for the £50,000. Linda and box 22 take £750 from the game greeted by cheers.
Next Sharon and box 19 take £15,000 from the game but Sue says it’s ok. The banker is quick to call and the offer is now £8,401, keeping the Neal back on his feet fund going. However he wants it back if Neal dies before the end of the show. Sue deals but, has she put her gambling tactics to good use and proved that a good gambler knows when to stop?

She is now trying to take out £50,000 and chooses box 15 with Giorgio.
It’s £3,000 and would have been a good start. The applause is tentative. But she moves onto box 9 from Deb which contains £250.This would have been perfect. She has her last chance to get £50,000 out but picks Box 1 holding £500. This would have been the dream scenario for the gambler who went too soon, the offer would have been £34,401 but she would not have stopped there. Finally we open Sue’s box, she could have won £50,000 if she had actually carried on but Sue looks ok, she’s got the deal or no deal duo, Noel and Neal, to keep her company. Otis ends the game with the £20,000 in his box.

Now, the question is, out of the bug, the coin, and the teabag (yes I know this sounds strange!!) which one was the lucky one?!?! If any??

I do not want to end this report on a bad note but I am sorry to say that Neal, the lucky beetle, ended his life on Wednesday the 12 of July. Neal was a good bug and only ever did his best.

Sue won £8,401

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