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Monday, July 17, 2006

Connell's game

The show starts today with a quick reminder from Noel in a sober beige shirt telling us that this will be the last week before the summer break. What happens to all these guys who have stood on the sidelines for several weeks already?

Connell is selected after 24 shows he carries his box 22 over to the table. Connell is 33, his wife Tracy in the audience, they have four beautiful daughters who accompany him photographically. He has some orders (drawings) from the family to win enough to go to Disneyland.

Round 1
Maddie, box 17 - £1000.
Helen, box 1 - £3,000
Khannie, box 5 - £100,000
Sandra, box 3 - £15,000
Debbie, box 15 - £250

Connell and Noel both agree the banker will be a happy bunny at this start. The offer is £6,600 – surprisingly. We all think this pretty good considering the dodgy start. However the answer is still a predictable - no deal.

Round 2
Steph, box 11 - £100
Chris, box 21 – 50p, she is going to miss rubbing and kissing Connel’s head - a daily ritual apparently.
Sarah, box 13 – we go to break, Noel calls Chris over to the table for a last opportunity to demonstrate the slaphead worship.
Box 13 contains £1

Football seems to be Connel’s main interest outside his family – he coaches Coventry ladies team who his daughter plays for. The back of his shirt carries the slogan ‘courage’ I suspect the banker will pick up on that one. He does of course mention it with his offer of £13,200. Lance’s opinion is sought and fended off smartly. The decision is - No Deal

Round 3
Kieren, box 19 - £20,000
Nev, Box 18 - £500
Lindsay, box 20 - £75,000

It’s a very quiet studio right now – the tension is building as Noel takes the call and Connell studies the order for the trip to Disneyland. The temptation from the banker this time is £18,000 - enough for the trip of a lifetime is £4.5k for each daughter, nothing left for Mum & Dad. The phone rings with an extra £4.50 thrown in for good measure. A huge round of applause resounds when Connell makes his decision – no deal.

Round 4
Gorgio, box 12 - £5
Mark, box 16 - £50,000
Emmie, box 14 - to the break – back to reveal £35,000 - Straight to a one box game.
The new offer comes with the statement that he has just cost 2 of his daughters their money - £9,000. Tracey is called down for her opinion. After some whispered discussion she tells him that she, and their girls will still be there at the end of this, the money may or may not. Connell’s decision – No deal.

Round 5
Mark is instructed to sit in front of the big one shielding it from being chosen – unsuccessfully.

Nick kicks off this round with - £250,000. Silence reigns.
Paul box 8 - £50
John box 2 £5,000
The still silent studio hears the offer of £900 and the swift reply – no deal.

Round 6
Lance, box 10 - 10p
Otis, box 6 - £750
Sharon, box 9 – 1p is called for - £10 is found – to the huge delight of the studio.
Connell is left with 1p and £10,000 – he has seemed resigned to going to the end since the £250,000 was wiped off the board. Now we see if his slogan is a fashion statement or not with an offer of £2,000 – The banker clearly wants to see the gamble.

It’s ‘no deal’ from a slightly subdued Connell and Tracey has her head in her hands. The phone is ringing before the applause ends to offer the swap – Connell has already told us his lucky number is 7 – the box still out on the wing not the one in front of him. He gives the nod and Noel carries away box 22 he sincerely hopes he is not bringing the 1p to the next member of that exclusive club.

Noel then opens the swapped box - number 7, to reveal - 1p.
Two new members have joined from the last 3 games.

Tracey is there to support her other half and it seems they are completely united despite going home with nothing. I suspect they will one day take their girls to Disneyland – a happy family I think.

Connell won - 1p


Anonymous said...

"Lance won - 1p"

Did he?? Connell was today's player!

Anonymous said...

Poor Guy, Greedy Man Honesly. "I could have £10,000, I dont care about one Pence, I want £10,000" He deserved it