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Monday, July 10, 2006

Pierre's game

Pierre’ game box 18
Pretty Pierre is in the spotlight and grasps the sudden opportunity to boast about his champion qualities in martial arts.
An Italian personal trainer who actually thinks that people who want to work out all day are nutters, strange? Girlfriend Laura sat in the audience will be the one he looks to when he needs to come back down to earth.

Round one
Otis 17- 1p (unlucky in Italy)
Box 13- £50,000
Sandra 1- 10p
Giorgio 3- £1000
Paul 11- £15,000
Bankers offer- £10,000
An offer that the banker thinks resembles the weight of his head!
Pass the sick bucket as Pierre blabbers on about respect in life, someone remind him it’s a game not relationship counselling and while doing so tell him to SIT DOWN!

Round two
Lindsey 22- £3000
Linda 7- £5000 ( his left hand companion)
As I don’t watch every episode religiously, It maybe me just being ‘special’ but who the hell is Rita?
Sally 8- £250 (after exposing her secret dreams about a minority of the studio)
Bankers offer £18,000

Round three
Helen 4-£100
Sue 19- £500
Chris 12-£35,000
A good round not a major blow with that third as he still has the top three, a stable board.
Bankers offer £24,000
The banker is intimidated by Pierre as he shamefully admits that karate means empty hand and he is scared and thinks he will end up with one.

Round four
Connell 9- £20,000
John 10- £250,000 (ooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuups)
Lance 14- £10,000
The banker’s feelings have changed dramatically and he is no longer scared but confident in his financial fitness. Ha ha ha did you get that little joke that he subtlety slipped in there.
I can’t help but think he is being seriously influenced by that thing he has latched on his left shoulder there. She is obviously influencing that and has really let him no that he wont be very popular if he says no deal
Bankers offer £7000 DEAL
O how smug she looks as he does what she wants him to do, what a wimp!

Round five
Mark 15- £50
Buddy 20-£5
Sharon 5- 50p
He was so due a blue round and after that I really think she should be in the dog house. As she stands there it really annoys me to look at her I mean how far is she shoved up her own……..
Bankers offer£24,000

Round six
Monica 15-
Debbie 2 -£100,000
Nick 21- £1
Bankers offer- £30,000

His box 18 was £10 and to conclude the £75,000 was in box number 6. I really feel quite sorry for Pierre because it seems to me that he would have gone on and he seems to be a really nice guy. I think that his game was snatched by her turning it into Laura’s since she left her seat in the audience. I think everyone reading will agree with me that the money he has just won will be snatched also when they get home, she looks high maintenance to me!
A good game to begin the week, lets hope that the rest aren’t so influenced.

Pierre won £7,000



gaz99er said...

Sorry Georgia but it wouldn't be good if we all agreed with each other on here - I just think yu gave Pierres girlfriend a bit of a hard time - you've got to remember that neither the contestant or their partners have probably done anything like this before and believe me it is so nerve wrecking - from a mans point of view I feel most guys would of thought what a lucky chap Pierre was - even the cameraman seem to appreciate Laura with some of his close up shots ( but that doesn't surprise me!) and had Iain wrote this report I'm sure he would have found plenty of nice things to say! All the best guys - still enjoying reading your run downs. Gaz

Ìain said...

Having missed this game I presume what Georgia described as "that thing he has latched on his left shoulder", was his girlfriend.

I do think that when family/friends influence the player it detracts from the show so I agree with Georgia, and if she was pretty then I agree with Gaz too ;-)

In summary, if you lock three women in a room for a week, only one will come out alive.

Anonymous said...

His girlfriend WAS very pretty, but it became her game not Pierre's, which is wrong.

Quentin X said...

Absolutely, he appeared to become a simpering wreck after she appeared next to him. Time to stop them coming down until the question is asked.