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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Buddy's Game Report

Buddy was Saturday's player, taking the walk of wealth with box 19 - a seasoned gambler, he felt he was 'flookie' - Kenneth McKellar was alive and well and sitting in front of Noel. Buddy, was David Wilson from Twickenham, he had dreamt about the banker chasing him, but he woke up before finding out what happened. Buddy spoke with a husky east-end accent, somewhere between the Kray Brothers and Michael Caine.

Round one: Nev, box 2 - £250,000, the audience sighed, and immediately Buddy changed his plan. Lindsay, box 22 - £750. Steph, box 8 - £500. Sandra, box 20 - £1000. Paul, box 14 - 10p. The opening offer was £1300 which Buddy understood and rejected immediately.

Round two: Helen, Box 18 - 1p. Adam, the new guy, box 4 - £100. Sharon, box 17 - £15,000. The offer was £13,000, surprisingly high. Mark, Khanny and Sandra advised to continue, Buddy mentioned that 13 was his lucky number - and then he said 'No deal'.

Round three: Georgio, box 12 - £20,000. Nick, box 1 - £50,000 - 'uh we are going to pieces now', said Buddy. Connell, box 15 - £250. But the board was still stong, six reds against 5 blues. Buddy thought the banker would stick, and certainly that seemed optimistic given the round that had just gone, but the offer was actually £16,000. 'I like to play the game, thats my trouble', said Buddy, and he added 'no deal'

Round four: Lance, box 10 - £5. Monica, box 5 - £75,000. Nagiyah, box 7 - £5000. The board now showed four reds against four blues with £100,000 as the highest red. The banker claimed to be irritated by Buddy speculating that the banker might drop down to £1300, the offer was now £13,000. Connell thought this was 'a bit of a hard one', Sarah felt he should gone on. Buddy was clearly giving it thought, but ended with 'no deal' and then he had to stand.

Round five: Sarah, box 11 - . Otis, box 6 - £10. 'One more' begged Buddy. The audience started to chant Buddy. Chis, box 15 - £50. Buddy was smiling from ear to ear, 'what a good time to do the perfect round' said Noel. The banker wanted to know what was in the book, and Buddy let him - Buddy was looking for £50,000. The offer now was £27,500. The board had four reds against one blue. 'I don't like that number...27...nah'. Buddy gave this offer a lot of thought, the camera had time to close in on his face - 'no deal'

Round six: John, box 3 - £10,000. 'Two more', said Buddy like Frank Butcher. Debbie, box 9 - £1 - no blues left - lowest was now £3000. Straight away he went to Khanny, box 21 - £35,000. The gambler was now left with a choice between £3000 and £100,000, now we would find out if Buddy was a professional or an excited amateur. The banker said 'in this situation I am powerless'. The offer was now £50,000, the banker was calling his bluff. 'I am here to play the game' said Buddy, puffing and drinking his tea. But BUddy was a professional, he dealt, good for him!

Noel opened Buddy's box, he only had £3000. The £100,000 was in Mark's box 13.

This game reminded me of games of old; not as great as Gaz or Morris, but Buddy played in a steady manner, he stayed in control and the audience reactions seemed to be much more in proportion to the events as they unfolded - I actually enjoyed that!! The banker, having been told Buddy's desired amount, had indeed chased him - funny things dreams.

Buddy won £50,000

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