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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Vivienne's Deal or No Deal Game Report 11/09/11

Vivienne has box 17 today. Vivienne has trouble walking to the pound table in her posh shoes! Noel does a really long shout of Vivienne! Noel says he is doing that as Vivienne doesn't like being called Viv! Noel says that Vivienne has a very caring nature. Vivienne shows a picture of her in her first job at a travel agents, and she has her friend in the audience for support, and they both travel around the world together as they both have a travel bug.

Round 1
Vivienne says she will get used to her shoes throughout the show. She says she has a lucky number which is 3.
3 - £250,000 Lauren
Noel asks if we should start again. Vivienne says she is going to change her tactics now, and will chose numbers that can't be divided by 3.
5 - £1,000 Annie
11 - £15,000 Craig
Tegen is ill today, and Will is going to be opening her box while she is away
20 - £1 Will
22 - £500 Kerrie

Banker time
Vivienne confuses herself over how many boxes she has opened. The Banker says he has heard about Vivienne's friend Ann, and can just imagine how it would be travelling with them both!

Banker's offer:

Vivienne says

Noel says that Vivienne wants to travel to Canada and also walk along the Great Wall of China.

Round 2
14 - £750 Buk
4 - 10p Gordon
8 - 50p Steve

Banker time
This is one of those gamese where after an early setback things are falling into place says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Vivienne says

Round 3
7 - £20,000 Tabitha
19 - £50,000 Newbie David
Noel asks if Vivienne and Ann have ever got into trouble while travelling, and Vivienne tells a story of when they went to Las Vegas and how she really dressed up for a day out and at breakfast she asked if she could sit next to a chap, and he said she could as long as she was quiet, as he thought she was a hooker!!!!
1 - £10,000 Terry

Banker time
The Banker says that he has met Vivienne before over breakfast!

Banker's offer:

Vivienne says

Round 4
Vivienne wonders if she should get her 6's out now!
2 - £250 Jodie
Jodie nearly totally messes up her box opening! The Banker calls and asks what that was all about, and then sends Jodie out of the studio! Noel then escorts her out of the studio
10 - 1p Nadia
16 - £5 Tegen (Will opens the box)

Banker time
That was fantastic says Noel. Vivienne asks if Jodie is allowed back in as it is very cold outside and she only has a thin top on and no vest! The Banker says that she can come back in if Vivienne says DEAL to the next offer!

Banker's offer:

Noel says that Vivienne had best say deal to this so Jodie can come back into the studio. Terry tells Vivienne to let Jodie freeze!!!

Vivienne says

Round 5
18 - £35,000 Anthony
6 - £5,000 Duane
12 - £50 Edith

Banker time
This is getting exciting says Noel. The Banker says it was just too cold outside for Jodie and they then show a picture of a chair outside with some flowers on!

Banker's offer:

That is a big decision says Vivienne, and she has never had that amount in her life ever. Vivienne talks about her son who is 50 next year, and he is going to Cuba for a holiday to celebrate, and she would love to pay for that holiday for him.

Vivienne says

Round 6 - Proveout round
21 - £75,000 Charlotte
9 - £3,000 Dave
13 - £100 Ellie

Banker time with £10 and £100,000 remaining

Noel has a feeling that Vivienne might get away with this.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens vivienne's box 17 and reveals £100,000

Think of the travelling you could have done with that says Noel. Vivienne says she is gutted, but she still has £24,500.

Lorraine with box 15 contains the £10

The Banker talks to Vivienne, and she asks him not to be cruel to Jodie, and he is also going to meet her again in Las Vegas

Jodie is then allowed back into the studio.

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