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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Gary's Deal or No Deal Game Report 07/09/11

Gary has box 18.

Gary is a mortgage advisor from Sunderland, and is also a football website editor, and says that he used to work for Northern Rock! We get to see a pic of Gary with his fiancée while they were on holiday in Las Vegas, and explains how he bought her a ring when they were there, and he proposed to her. Gary also shows a pic of one of his best friends, and says he passed away due to a rare heart condition.

Round 1
Gary says he believes in energy, and gets everyone to do a Mexican wave in the studio! Gary is keeping numbers 7 and 13 to the end, as those numbers are important to him.
4 - Steve - 10p
8 - Dave - £15,000
12 - Ellie - £500
16 - Buk - £1,000
Gary realises he's been going up in 4s. Noel gets confused and wonders why he hasn't gone for 10!
20 - newbie Charlotte - £5
We learn that Charlotte is an actress.

Banker time
The banker says he's feeling a bit smug after yesterday's game, and Gary says he sounds like a disgruntled cow! The banker talks about Sunderland Football Club.

Banker's offer:

Gary says

Round 2
22 - Lauren - £250
2 - Will - £35,000
21 - Annie - £75,000

Banker time
The banker reckons Gary will expect a worse offer now, and he says he's tempted to offer 2 Newcastle shirts.

Banker's offer:

Gary says that's a good offer.

Gary says

Round 3
Gary says he'd like to go back to Las Vegas and his fiancée wants to go somewhere with a beach.
3 - Terry - 50p
Noel says Anthony's fashion sense is extraordinary!
15 - Anthony - £5,000
The banker rings and says he's cross with Noel, as he thinks Anthony looks fantastic, and Noel's not down with the kids! The banker says Anthony can go to Noel's dressing room and choose a shirt to wear!
1 - Nadia - £250,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Gary says

Round 4
The banker rings and says Anthony's ready to return, and he returns wearing one of Noel's favourite shirts, along with some of his shoes. Anthony reveals they said he's allowed to keep the shirt!
17 - Kerrie - £100
11 - Mark - £100,000
Gary says he can't believe that, and Noel points out that he still has the £50k.
19 - Nyomi - £1

Banker time
The banker says this is a tricky board and he wants Gary to have to make a tricky decision, and will make a Newcastle-Sunderland connection.

Banker's offer:

Noel talks about how Newcastle recently had a big victory over Sunderland with a score of 5-1. Annie says Gary can do it, and Gary's mum says she thinks he has a big one in his box.

Gary says

Round 5
14 - Tegen - £50
9 - Vivienne - £3,000
10 - Lorraine - £10,000
Noel says that's alright as Gary's still in the game.

Banker time
The banker tells Gary to think carefully about this offer, and says if Gary says NO DEAL and opens a box which has a blue value, he'll get an immediate offer.

Banker's offer:

Gary asks Dave for advice and he says he should take advantage of the potential extra offer. Gary says it's a massive gamble but the odds are in his favour.

Gary says

Round 6
7 - Duane - £50,000
Gary won't get an extra offer now.
6 - Gordon - 1p
5 - Craig - £750

Banker time with £10 and £20,000 remaining...

The banker asks Gary whether he's afraid to go home with £10 and he says he is.

Banker's offer:

Big groans from the audience meet that offer. Noel says Gary's honesty just now has effectively punished him. Gary says he doesn't know what to do, and his mum says she doesn't know either.

Gary says

Noel says he's not the greatest football fan but he understands people's passion for it, and says this is like a penalty shoot-out, so he says he's going to take a run at it and immediately open it! Just as he starts running, the banker rings and says the £20k is in the other box!

Banker's offer:

Gary says

Noel takes a run up to the box and opens it...

Gary wins £20,000 from his box 18.

Box 13 with Tabitha contains the £10

Gary says he can't believe he took that risk and he reveals £20k was his target.

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