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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lauren's Deal or No Deal Game Report 15/09/11

Lauren has box 6 today. Lauren is currently unemployed after losing her job just before coming onto the show. She introduces her boyfriend in the audience for support, and she says that he lost his job at the same time as he worked in the same shop. Lauren talks about her nose piercing and how her grandad always moans about it to her. Lauren has a necklace with a ring on it that her late nan gave to her for luck.

Round 1
Lauren doesn't have any system.
3 - £250 Andy
10 - 50p Anthony
15 - £35,000 Nadia
Lauren just realises that she hasn't gone around and thanked everyone after they opened their boxes.
1 - £1,000 Kerrie
2 - £50,000 Steve

Banker time
That was shaping up as a good round, but now there is a hole in the right says Noel. The Banker says he is out of his depth today with all these youngsters, as Lauren has a ring in her nose, and her boyfriend has buttons in his ears! The Banker asks Tegan to help him out with all the young talk that is going on, but he isn't impressed with her help so asks someone else! The Banker then reels off a lot of 'Yuff' talk

Banker's offer:

Lauren says

Round 2
Noel talks about Lauren's tattoo of an owl that she has on her back. Will next, and Noel asks about his wife Bev, who is sat in the audience with a massive name-badge on!
9 - £1 Will
13 - £10 Newbie Mark
8 - £100 Duane

Banker time
That's a good blue round says Noel. The Banker says that both him and Noel are disappointed at not seeing Lauren's owl, as he knows that Anthony has had a peek of Lauren's owl!

Banker's offer:

Lauren says that she could do a lot with that money, but it is far too early.

Lauren says

Round 3
Lauren talks about how she cares for her mum and brother at the moment, and also her grandad, and she would love to get a shed for him.
4 - £500 Craig
5 - £20,000 Tegan
21 - £5,000 David

Banker time
Noel talks about Lauren got interested in cars after watching her grandad work on cars when she was younger, and Lauren now is able to identify cars by the tone of their engines. Lauren has a car dream, and she would love to be able to drive. The Banker would like Lauren to have her first car lesson right now, and points out that although Lauren has 3 of her power 5, the Banker also has 3 of his power 5, so he would like her now to make an emergency stop in her game with the following offer.

Banker's offer:

Lauren says

Round 4
20 - 10p Charlotte
16 - £10,000 Edith
14 - £15,000 Neil

Banker time
There is a huge contrast now says Noel, and he thinks there is a bit of a gamble here now. The Banker describes it as a feast or famine board.

Noel asks if it would require a lot of courage to turn down £17,000, and Lauren says it would, so Noel asks how about....

Banker's offer:

Lauren goes to the wings for advice. She then turns to her boyfriend, and then talks about the one number that she has been saving, and that is box 12, and she explains how she talked to her uncle who is a medium and they spoke about her game and suddenly the number 12 was a big influence in the chat. Lauren then realises that 6 is her lucky number and she has box 6. The Banker then calls and tells Lauren to picture her taking her grandad to the window after she has dealt and showing him the new shed he has.

Lauren says

Round 5
11 - £750 Tabitha
18 - £75,000 Joycey
19 - £5 Jodie

Banker time
Noel tells Lauren to try and keep breathing if she can! The Banker says that although she didn't hit the top 2, she also didn't hit the 1p.

Banker's offer:

Lauren asks if it is really £26,000. Lauren says she has never seen that sort of money, even though she has worked since she was 13.

Lauren says

Round 6 - Proveout round
22 - £3,000 Ellie
7 - £50 Gordon
Oh no says Noel.
17 - 1p Tammie

Banker time with £100,000 and £250,000 remaining

Lauren is in tears and asks her boyfriend what she has done. Noel says that there is nothing anyone can do about this now, and the Banker will play on with all honesty now. The Banker talks about the power of £26,000.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Lauren's box 6 and reveals £100,000

Terry with box 12 contains the £250,000

Lauren says she has £26,000 and she is so happy with that.

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