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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Charlotte's Deal or No Deal Game Report 29/09/11

Charlotte has box 3 today. Charlotte is an actress from London, and Charlotte says that she is also a waitress. She talks about the many roles that she has done. Charlotte has her mum and boyfriend in the audience for support, and Noel talks to her boyfriend about his job as a recruitment consultant. The Banker phones and complains about the state of Charlotte's boyfriend and tells Noel to kick him out until he smartens up! Noel then has a go at one of the cameramen for not being ready on a shot of Charlotte's photos, and then throws them out of the studio as well! We finally get to see Charlotte's photos.

Charlotte is wearing a lucky St Christopher that her mum gave her.

Round 1
Noel asks to see the outside of the studio, but only the cameramen are there and there is no sign of Charlotte's boyfriend!
17 - £50,000 Petra
7 - £100 Angela
5 - 10p Jodie
2 - £35,000 Jess
12 - £50 Nicki

Banker time
The Banker says that it has been a very disruptive part one! We see another shot of the cameramen outside again and they are reading a newspaper. The Banker says that Charlotte's boyfriend has agreed to a makeover which we will see in part 2 of the show.

Banker's offer:

Charlotte says

Noel talks about how Charlotte's boyfriend was thrown out, and he has now had his makeover and takes to the walk of wealth clean-shaven and in a suit. Charlotte's boyfriend then starts doing Noel's show intro speech. Noel also allows the 2 cameramen to come back into the studio, but tells them to up their game otherwise they will lose their jobs with all the cutbacks that are happening! The cameramen then start trying out some fancy shots!

Round 2
6 - 1p Tammie
19 - £1 Sheila
This is fantastic says Noel. Newbie Katie next, and she says she is mainly a mummy now, but has done acting in the past and has been in Harry Potter and Star Wars
16 - £20,000 Newbie Katie

Banker time
The Banker says that he has done some amateur dramatics, and thinks that Charlotte's boyfriend scrubs up ok.

Banker's offer:

Charlotte says

Round 3
11 - £500 Tony
While Charlotte tries to pick her next box Noel goes over to Mark and kisses him on the head!
18 - £250,000 Nick
1 - £100,000 Joycey

Banker time
What a round, that is a real dream-crusher of a round says Noel. The Banker says he would now be making jokes about Charlotte's game at any other time, but with the recent run of luck he won't be.

Banker's offer:

Charlotte's boyfriend says that there is still some big money on the board. Charlotte says she has never had any feelings about the boxes, but last night she had a dream about the show and at one point she had a real mouse in her mouth, and since then she has been thinking of 3 blind mice and the nuimber 3, and she has box 3 today.

Charlotte says

Round 4
10 - £5 Craig
14 - £75,000 Andy
Oh no, the life-changer has gone, that is so cruel says Noel.
4 - £3,000 Woody

Banker time
The Banker shouts 'Salvation is mine' down the phone, and then tells Charlotte she had that dream because she ate cheese before she went to bed!

Banker's offer:

Charlotte says

Round 5
15 - £10,000 Bill
13 - £1,000 Smah
20 - £250 Steve

Banker time
The Banker feels for Charlotte at the moment

Banker's offer:

Charlotte says

Round 6
22 - £5,000 Neil
Wow says Noel.
8 - 50p Mark
21 - £750 David

Banker time with £10 and £15,000 remaining

Now you'll have a very interesting decision coming your way says Noel. The Banker wonders where to pitch this, as Charlotte would love to win the £15,000, but she is not a gambler.

Banker's offer:

That is brilliantly pitched says Noel. Charlotte says that £15,000 was her target, and talks about the number 3 that she has been thinking of all day. Charlotte talks to her boyfriend, and he says it is so different now when just one word can get you that money, but also £15,000 was her target. Noel tells Charlotte that she wouldn't be guaranteed the swap, but would she make a swap, and Charlotte says she wouldn't and would keep her box.

Charlotte says

The Banker calls and says that he knows Charlotte said she wouldn't swap, but he is going to offer the swap.

Banker's offer:

Charlotte says

Noel opens Charlotte's box 3 and reveals £10

Box 9 with Parvinder contains the £15,000

That's how it goes says Charlotte, and she is glad she went to the end.

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