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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Andy's Deal or No Deal Game Report 30/12/10 - Scrooge or Santa Christmas Specials

Noel talks about Betty's game yesterday and says it was a horrible start but ended up with £23,000 and a holiday, although she had £100,000 in her box.

Andy has box 1. Andy is a joiner and delivery man from Bradford, and he talks a bit about his job. We get to see a photo of Andy's girlfriend, and he says he's just received news that she's pregnant. Andy also shows a pic of his existing son and says he's a massive fan of DoND and of Noel! Noel reads on his cue card that Andy always fidgets, and he has a dancing talent as a result. He says he falls asleep if he sits down for too long!

Noel explains the Scrooge or Santa twist that takes place at the 5-box stage. There are 3 snowmen and 2 of them have a Santa and 1 has a Scrooge, find the Santa and the contestant gets an offer after every box in the final round, but find the Scrooge and the Banker gets to look inside the contestant's box and the final round continues in the usual 3 box style. There is also a Christmas tree where the contestant gets to the chance to win a holiday.

Round 1
Andy says he has a system, and that's that he doesn't want to take any box with a 2 in it! He's leaving 22 and 2 to the end as he likes the number 2.
13 - newbie Claire - £1,000
Noel tells Claire to keep her box open as not everyone's seen it.
17 - Dave - £35,000
11 - Matty - £100,000
7 - Tracey - £250,000
14 - Scott - £1

Banker time
Banker says that was a miraculous opening round, and he talks about the moment that Andy gave us on Christmas Day. He talks about the mystery Christmas Day on the holiday, and says tomorrow is the final day of these specials, and it's also the 1,500th show! He says if anyone gets the destination of the holiday correct, he'll give them £1,500 during tomorrow's show.

Banker's offer:

Round 2
8 - Mia - £250
19 - Rina - £500
Noel says Andy needs money to do up his house.
15 - Dale - £5

Banker time
The banker says Andy was out late last night, dancing to the Pussycat Dolls! The banker pumps music into the studio and gets Andy to do a dance...

Banker's offer:

Andy says that's a lot of money.

Andy says

Round 3
18 - David - £10
9 - Jim - £50,0000
You've had another one and this is uncanny, says Noel.
5 - Haroon - £3,000

Banker time
Noel reveals that today's holiday is a week for 2 in Tenerife. David offers advice and says you have to hit blues after hitting lots of reds. The others say it would be one of the worst scenarios if Andy went away with nothing though.

Banker's offer:
£3,250 + 1 gift box

Andy says

Round 4
4 - Ian - £15,000
"Ooh no" says Noel.
16 - Marilyn - £20,000
Andy asks everyone to think BLUE.
10 - Lucie - 10p

Banker time

Banker's offer:
£4,000 + 1 gift box

Andy says the board's in his favour as he has more blues to hit, but Noel says it's in the banker's favour as there's a higher chance of a blue being on the table. Noel reminds us of the Santa vs Scrooge twist at 5-box.

Andy says

Round 5
Andy asks everyone to will a blue into the box again.
12 - Julie - £75,000
20 - Grace - £10,000
21 - Irene - £5,000

Santa vs Scrooge time

Andy now has an all-blue 5-box and the banker can be heard laughing hysterically down the phone! The banker says this is the first all-blue live-play 5-box in one of the special shows. He now wants Andy to pick the SANTA to prolong the agony.

Andy picks the YELLOW snowman and it contains SANTA

The GREEN snowman also contains the SANTA

The RED snowman contains the SCROOGE

Banker time
Andy now gets an offer after every box

Banker's offer:

Andy says

Round 6 - part 1
6 - Sobia - £750

Banker time
The banker says he might die laughing.

Banker's offer:

Andy quickly says

Round 6 - part 2
3 - Hannah - £50

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Andy says

Round 6 - part 3
Scott whispers something to Andy, and Andy says Scott has promised to donate the £1,500 to him if he wins it in the banker's twist tomorrow. The 3 dancers at the end of the west wing wonder if the banker will do something with the holiday if they do a dance.
2 - Jenna - 50p

Banker time with 1p and £100 remaining...

Banker's offer:

Andy says

Andy wins £100 from his box 1

Noel says that's a fair result after that game.

Box 22 with Maz contains the 1p

The banker phones and questions Maz about her dancing proposal. He says everyone should do the dance, then he'll mark it out of 10, and anything over 9 will get Andy the holiday!

Andy leads all the contestants in a dance...

The banker rings up and gives it a mark of 6! However he chucks in a few extra points to bring it up to 9 so Andy wins the holiday to Tenerife.

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