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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jen's Deal or No Deal Game Report 21/12/10 - Scrooge or Santa Christmas Specials

Noel wishes everyone a merry Christmas from the winter wonderland at the Dream Factory.

Noel explains the Scrooge or Santa twist that takes place at the 5-box stage. There are 3 snowmen and 2 of them have a Santa and 1 has a Scrooge, find the Santa and the contestant gets an offer after every box in the final round, but find the Scrooge and the Banker gets to look inside the contestant's box and the final round continues in the usual 3 box style. There is also a Christmas tree where the contestant gets to the chance to win a holiday.

Noel talks about Darren's game where even though he found the SANTA it didn't give him the outcome he was hoping for.

Jen has box 5 today. Jen works in a bar. Noel says she has a special ring that was her dad's, she bought it for him when she was little, and a fortune teller told her to wear it after he passed away as it would bring her luck. Jen has her mum and husband in the audience for support. We get to see a picture of Jen's late dad with her mum.

Jen has a system, and she will start with the smallest number she doesn't like and end with the largest number she likes.

Round 1
2 - £10 Newbie Scott
22 - £50 Andy
This is what happened yesterday says Noel
4 - £1,000 Brian
21 - £35,000 Lucie
7 - £10,000 Mia

Banker time
Noel says that is a middling opening round. The Banker says that Jen looks gorgeous and she looks good in this era. He says he is not messing around here. He is offering a gift box from the start to give Jen a chance to win a holiday

Banker's offer:
£10,000 + 1 gift box

Jen says

Round 2
20 - £250 Julie
9 - £50,000 Phyli
Noel says that Jen is also a professional photographer
18 - 10p Maz

Banker time
Noel says that Jen classes houosework as a hobby and she absolutely loves it. Noel talks about Jen's photography and she explains she does weddings and boudoir photography. The Banker calls and says he would like a bit of the boudoir photography, and Jen says that they would have to have low lighting for him

Banker's offer:
£13,000 + 1 gift box

Noel reveals the holiday that Jen could win is a week for 2 in the Algarve.

Jen says

Round 3
10 - £15,000 Ant
17 - £3,000 Betty
11 - £250,000 Haroon

Banker time
Oh no, it's one of those games and it now looks a little frightening says Noel. The Banker points out he has 4 of his power 5 still remaining.

Banker's offer:

Jen says

Round 4
16 - £5 Ian
19 - £500 David
14 - £100,000 Jim

Banker time

Banker's offer:
£2,000 + 1 gift box

Jen thinks her luck has got to turn.

Jen says

Round 5
6 - £75,000 Grace
15 - 1p Marilyn
8 -£750 Debbie

Scrooge or Santa time
Noel goes over to the 3 snowmen, one has a yellow scarf, one has a red scarf, and the other green. If Jen finds the SANTA he can play the final round 1-box at a time before getting an offer, but if he finds the Scrooge the Banker gets to look inside his box and he has to open all 3 boxes in the final round before getting an offer.

Jen chooses GREEN which contains SCROOGE

RED contains SANTA


The Banker now gets to look inside Jen's box. A polar bear takes the box and away and returns it with the Banker's seal on it.

Noel tells Jen not to allow the Banker to mess with her head too much now. The Banker calls and says he knows what Jen has now, and she is also guaranteed the SWAP at the end and he would advise her to take the swap!

Banker's offer:

Scott asks what Jen would have done if the Banker had not seen inside her box, and Jen says she would have played on.

Jen says

Round 6
1 - £1 Detrix
That is a good start says Noel
12 - £100 Sobia
Wow says Noel. The Banker then calls back and says that Jen has 50p in her box! He is now prepared to allow Jen to SWAP her box right now!

Banker's offer:

Jen says

She swaps for box 13 which belongs to Daniel

Round 6 - Continued
Noel says that Jen should really being choosing box 5 now if she believed the Banker when he said she had 50p in her box, otherwise why did she swap!
5 - £20,000 Daniel

Banker time with 50p and £5,000 remaining

The Banker says he is a very bad man!

Banker's offer:

Jen says

Noel opens Jen's box 13 and reveals 50p

Amazing says Noel, the Banker says Jen had 50p in her original box and she actually swaps her box and brings it to the table!

Box 3 with Jay contains the £5,000

Jen breaks down into tears and says she is gutted as she thought 13 was her lucky number, and it won't be from now on.

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