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Friday, December 24, 2010

Daniel's Deal or No Deal Game Report 23/12/10 - Scrooge or Santa Christmas Specials

Noel welcomes us to another festive edition of the show, and he says the snowmen and Christmas tree haven't been kind to the players, as we've had wins of £500, 50p and NOTHING so far this week!!

Noel explains the Scrooge or Santa twist that takes place at the 5-box stage. There are 3 snowmen and 2 of them have a Santa and 1 has a Scrooge, find the Santa and the contestant gets an offer after every box in the final round, but find the Scrooge and the Banker gets to look inside the contestant's box and the final round continues in the usual 3 box style. There is also a Christmas tree where the contestant gets to the chance to win a holiday.

Daniel has box 21. Daniel is a musician living in Nottingham, and he has his guitar with him today, which he calls Sue! Noel says the guitar even goes to bed with Daniel. Daniel says he's lived in quite a few places, and he runs through all the places he's lived, including Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon and Manchester. Daniel also has a percussion instrument with him, and he tells a story about how he got it on a beach in Barcelona!

Round 1
9 - Grace - £1,000
Daniel talks about a conversation he had with newbie Dave.
5 - newbie Dave - £750
4 - Scott - 1p
19 - Julie - £75,000
17 - Brian - £250,000

Banker time
The banker says the pilgrims should prepare for the 4th heartbreaking game in a row.

Banker's offer:

That offer gets lots of BOOs from the audience!

Daniel says

Round 2
22 - Andy - £3,000
Mia now, and Noel does an impression of her Brummie accent, and she accuses him of making a sexual innuendo.
8 - Mia - £10,000
Noel says Daniel still has 9 blues!
2 - Phyli - £500

Banker time
Noel's busy making Phyli do her laugh, so he gets Daniel to answer the phone.

Banker's offer:

Daniel says

Round 3
20 - Betty - £50
6 - Ant - £100
10 - Marilyn - £5

Banker time
The banker says Daniel's reminding him of the flower power of the 1960s! He's worried that Daniel will manage to get into his wallet.

Banker's offer:

Noel reminds Daniel about the snowmen twist at 5-box. The banker phones back and asks if Daniel's single, and he says no, his girlfriend is a teacher. The banker then says that Noel must remove the 23rd December from the advent calendar, and Noel reveals an all inclusive week for two in Tunisia. He says Daniel will win that with 1 gift box if he says DEAL.

Daniel says

Round 4
15 - Jim - £20,000
Daniel wonders who's got the blues...
1 - Detrix - £35,000
"OOH NO" shouts Noel
Noel talks about Daniel's dreams, which include going on a guitar-making course and releasing an album...
16 - Debbie - 50p

Banker time
Daniel says he can hear the snowmen calling, and the banker says they've been his friends this week.

Banker's offer:
£10,000 + 1 gift box

Daniel asks for any advice, and Detrix says he could get to 5-box with the £50k and £100k still in play. Noel wonders how Daniel will be influenced by the bad games that we've already had this week. Dave talks to Daniel about his ambition to raise £4,000 to do travelling in 2011.

Daniel says

Round 5 (proveout)
Noel says we'll never know what the snowmen had to offer in this game. Daniel says he's keeping 7 and 13 to the end.
18 - Ian - £5,000
"Not good enough" says Noel, and he yells at people who clapped!
14 - Tracey - £250
"NO!!!" yells Noel.
3 - Maz - £50,000

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:
£15,000 + 1 gift box

Round 6 (proveout)
12 - Sobia - £10
7 - David - £100,000
Only 1 error, says Noel.
11 - Lucie - £1

Banker time with 10p and £15,000 remaining...

Banker's offer would've been:

Daniel has 10p in his box 21.

Box 13 with Haroon contains the £15,000

Daniel says he's happy that there's been a good win after the last few games.

Noel explains the offer Daniel accepted contained a gift box. Daniel chooses the RED box and Noel opens it to reveal LOSE. Daniel doesn't win the holiday.

The banker phones back and wonders if Daniel wants a Christmas gamble. He says there is a yellow and a green box remaining - one has WIN and one has LOSE. If Daniel agrees to the gamble and finds WIN, he wins the holiday and his winnings double to £20,000. If he finds LOSE, he won't win the holiday and his winnings will be slashed to £4,000.

Banker's offer:

The others ask Daniel if he'd still be happy with £4,000 and to factor that into whether he'd be happy to take the risk. Noel says this is better than Jay's gamble, as Daniel won't be able to win NOTHING.

Daniel says

He takes the gamble...

Daniel choses the YELLOW box and Noel opens it to reveal WIN.

Daniel wins the holiday to Tunisia and his winnings get doubled from £10,000 to £20,000

All the other contestants come to the Pound Table to congratulate Daniel...

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