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Friday, December 31, 2010

Maz's Deal or No Deal Game Report 31/12/10 - Scrooge or Santa Christmas Specials

Noel welcomes us to the final of the Christmas specials. He talks about the Christmas Day holiday, the destination of which hasn't been revealed yet! He also says today is show 1,500.

Maz has box 15. Maz is a student and a part-time barmaid, and she has an ambition to be a primary school teacher. Noel says she once read Three Little Pigs to some children, and one of them said she looks like one of the pigs! She says she was originally born in the USA, and would like to get in touch with her dad as she hasn't heard from him since she was 5. Maz has her mum in the audience today, and she has an angel ornament with her, as she is keen on guardian angels. We also get to see an old pic of Maz with her granddad. She gets very emotional as she speaks about him.

Noel explains the Scrooge or Santa twist that takes place at the 5-box stage. There are 3 snowmen and 2 of them have a Santa and 1 has a Scrooge, find the Santa and the contestant gets an offer after every box in the final round, but find the Scrooge and the Banker gets to look inside the contestant's box and the final round continues in the usual 3 box style. There is also a Christmas tree where the contestant gets to the chance to win a holiday.

Round 1
The banker phones and says he's sticking to what he said yesterday - if anyone correctly guesses the destination of the mysterious Christmas Day holiday, they'll win £1,500. He also says that Maz can give away another holiday which is hidden in a gold envelope, if she finds the 1p or 10p in the opening round.
3 - Irene - £750
Irene guesses Dubai for the Christmas Day holiday.
21 - Dave - £20,000
19 - Matty - 10p
Maz chooses to give the holiday to Julie. Julie opens the envelope and reveals she's won a 3-night break in the Algarve.
1 - Jenna - £1,000
11 - Lucie - 1p

Banker time
Noel talks about the "NEW YEARS EVE" (no apostrophe!) star on the tree.

Noel opens the star and it's an all-inclusive week for 2 in Majorca.

Banker's offer:
£11,000 + 1 gift box

Maz says

Round 2
13 - Sobia - £5,000
Sobia says she's guessed Sri Lanka for the Christmas Day holiday.
16 - Ian - £15,000
9 - Hannah - £100

Banker time

Banker's offer:
£13,500 + 1 gift box

Maz says she'd have preferred the offer if it had been £14,000 and an even number!

Maz says

Round 3
14 - Dale - £10
Dale guessed Botswana for the Christmas Day holiday.
18 - Mia - 50p
Noel says Maz is very superstitious, and doesn't like people walking under road signs or walking on cracks in the pavement!
17 - Rina - £50

Banker time
The banker says he's had a call from the hotel, and the mirror in Maz's room is cracked with new shoes on the table and a magpie on the window ledge.

Banker's offer:
£17,000 + 1 gift box

David talks about a conversation he had with Maz last night, and how this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Maz's mum says she should believe and be positive.

Maz says

Round 4
The banker phones and continuously says "jinx jinx" down the phone!
7 - Julie - £1
Julie guessed Hong Kong for the holiday.
12 - Scott - £250,000
6 - Jim (opened by Haroon) - £250

Banker time

Banker's offer:
£13,013 + 2 gift boxes

Haroon says Maz still has the potential of the Santas at 5-box, and says it's a poor offer. The banker rings back and says he wants to rub Haroon's nose in it.

Maz says

Round 5
5 - newbie Tony - £10,000
Tony guessed China for the holiday.
8 - Grace - £50,000
Noel reminds us of the banker's £1,500 holiday guess promise.
4 - Tracey - £75,000
Tracey guessed Lapland!

Santa vs Scrooge time

Maz chooses the GREEN snowman and it contains SANTA

The RED snowman contains the other SANTA

The YELLOW snowman contains SCROOGE

Maz now gets an offer after every box.

Banker time

Banker's offer:
£10,000 + 1 gift box

The others give Maz advice, and her mum says she'll have to go to the end if she takes one of th 2 big ones out. The banker rings and tells Maz not to listen to her mum!

Banker's offer:
£10,000 + 2 gift boxes

Maz says

Round 6 - part 1
20 - David - £100,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Maz says

Round 6 - part 2
2 - Claire - £35,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:
£500 + 1 gift box

Maz's mum comes down to the Pound Table and comforts her.

Maz says

Round 6 - part 3
10 - Marilyn - £500

Banker time with £5 and £3,000 remaining...

Banker's offer:
£1,000 + 1 gift box

Hannah says that £1,000 would be spending money for the holiday if she won it.

Maz says

Maz has £3,000 in her box 15

Box 22 with Haroon contains the £5

Now Maz gets the chance to win the holiday to Majorca.

She chooses the RED box and it's LOSE She doesn't win the holiday. The WIN was in the green box; the other LOSE in the yellow box.

Noel now opens the Christmas Day holiday, and reveals it was to CUBA

David correctly guessed it was to Cuba, so he wins £1,500

The banker phones and says he made a promise to himself that if someone guessed the Christmas Day holiday, he'd give it to today's player, so Maz also wins the holiday to Cuba.

Noel wishes everyone a Happy New Year...

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