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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Maurice's Deal or No Deal Game Report 22/06/10

Noel talks about the Dream Factory and how it caan produce dreams, but he says it is best to leave your dreams at the door and focus on the game as Logan did yesterday.

Maurice has box 8 today. Maurice is on the verge of becoming 80, and Noel says in 2003 Maurice was diagnosed with cancer of the tongue and he had half his tongue removed and also therapy, he then required speech therapy to help him learn to speak again. Maurice says he has watched the show from day one and Maurice wondered what Noel was doing, but he says Noel has just improved over every show and is great now. We get to see some of Maurice's family photos, and there is also a photo of with his pet python!

Round 1
14 - £500 Mini
Jez next and Noel asks him to change his ways as he has produced high reds so far
7 - £3,000 Jez
16 - £250 Laurence
1 - £50 Darren
13 - £20,000 Cassie

Banker time
The Banker gets Jenks to reveal what he calls Hayley, and it is giraffe fingers! In revenge Hayley talks about Jenks large calfs, and Noel gets him to show us!

Banker's offer:

That is a very nice sum of money says Maurice

Maurice says

Round 2
22 - £50,000 Dave
3 - 10p Paul
Noel runs through some of the jobs that Maurice has had, shoe repairer, bus driver, shop worker, debt collector, and landlord.
11 - £100,000 Christina

Banker time
Noel says that Maurice says he is here for whatever destiny provides for him. The Banker says that is worrying for him to hear.

Banker's offer:

Maurice says

Round 3
4 - 1p Yvonne
12 - £250,000 Kelly
10 - 50p Jenks

Banker time
Maurice reveals that he was a shoe repairer in the army, and Noel replies 'Cobblers'

Banker's offer:

Maurice says

Round 4
2 - £750 Rob
6 - £10 Rose
9 - £10,000 Emma

Banker time
Noel asks Maurice about something on his card which says that Maurice is a brilliant mince pie maker, and he has made over 80 dozen a year!

Banker's offer:

That is a nice offer says Maurice, but I might have a better one if I play on.

Maurice says

Round 5
5 - £100 Hayley
15 - £15,000 Cedelle
17 - £1 Newbie Dennis

Banker time
The Banker says that was a serious point in the game and you can tell that as Noel didn't mention the newbie's shirt!

Banker's offer:

Maurice says that would help Maurice pay off his mortgage and take his wife on a holiday to Australia as well. He then asks if the Banker will round the offer up to £18,000. Noel and Maurice wait to see if the Banker will call back, and eventually he does with a big cheer from the pilgrims. The Banker says it is not his job to make dreams come true, he just tries to buy the box for the least amount possible. He says that you don't get anything for nothing and there will be a condition, he will up the offer to £18,000, but Maurice must send him a postcard from Australia

Banker's offer:

Maurice says

Round 6 - Proveout round
20 - £1,000 Lara
18 - £5 Daphne
21 - £5,000 Del

Banker time with £35,000 and £75,000 remaining

Maurice says he has never been lucky in life, but he is always happy with what he has got.

Banker's offer would've been:

Noel opens Maurice's box 8 and reveals £35,000

Cheryl with box 19 contains the £75,000

Maurice says that money will make his life vastly different Noel reminds him about the postcard from Australia

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