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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cassie's Deal or No Deal Game Report 23/06/10

The big question is "Will it be me?" declares Noel, as he goes through all the different players' reactions when they're chosen! He goes through the East Wing and asks them if they think they're playing...

Cassie brings box 14 to the table. Noel goes through her photos...the first is of her and her husband as teenagers when they first met...the next one is of her son Jonah...the third is a scan of her expecting baby (another boy!). She's brought her mum Alison with her, who is there to tell her off if she gets too carried away - Noel hopes the boxes are really kind to her so that doesn't happen! Cassie confirms her random box selection...

Round 1
11 - Cedelle - £100,000
15 - Emma - £20,000
Cassie, stop this", instructs Noel...
7 - Jenks - £750
3 - Dave - £50,000
"Oh come on!", exclaims Noel...
20 - Mini - £10,000

Banker time
Noel says the Banker is a very happy man! Noel instructs him to please be kind to the pregnant lady!

Banker's offer:

Cassie says

Round 2
1 - Daphne - £100
Darren next, and when asked what his highlight of his experience has been so far, Darren says Noel's blouses! cue the Banker to call by saying "Darren, thank you!" He's awarding a spot prize of £100 to Darren! Noel warns everyone else not to try anything!
16 - Darren - £15,000
Noel is nervous about something...Darren's comment about his shirts being blouses! Noel fights back saying Darren as a policeman just accepted a bung!!!
22 - Lara - £250,000

Banker time
"When are we going to get out of this era? (big money going early)" declares Noel...the Banker says it'd be wrong for him to gloat here...and then we hear him chuckling down the phone!!!

Banker's offer:

Cassie says

Round 3
2 - Rob - £10
5 - Hayley - 1p
Jenks puts some lip gloss on Hayley prior to her 1p kiss with Cassie! Hayley explains it's her lip gloss and she lent it to Jenks!
6 - Del - £250

Banker time
Cassie reckons the board is more balanced now...the Banker agrees, but reminds her the offers won't rocket up due to the damage caused...

Banker's offer:

Cassie wants to treat her parents to a honeymoon with her winnings...Alison wants to go to America, Las Vegas in particular...it was where Cassie and her partner actually went!

Cassie says

Round 3
Rose next and she too is expecting...a blue in her box, that is!
13 - Rose - £50
Laurence next, and Noel doesn't think his lemon-shaded top suits him! He begins ripping into him!
19 - Laurence - 10p
Noel asks Cassie more about her job at a local nursery in Darlington...she basically plays games all day!
4 - Cheryl - £1,000

Banker time
The Banker reckons Cassie needs to think about her parents here... £2,500 for the honeymoon, £2,500 for the new baby's room...and breaks down telling her not to turn it down!

Banker's offer:

Alison insists she wouldn't take money off Cassie if it was just £5,000 as the new baby would need it more...

Cassie says

Round 5
12 - Paul - £500
21 - Christina - £1
18 - Dennis - £5

Banker time
What a similarity to yesterday's game with Maurice! The Banker can only make one offer based on that...

Banker's offer:

Cassie begins to get emotional when thinking about what she could do with £18,000...Noel reminds her yesterday could happen again, but the fellow contestants make her think about what the money would do for her. The Banker calls again...if she carries on, she can proceed one box at a time. He calls yet again...the next offer will be £30,000 if she finds 50p...

Cassie says

Round 6 - Proveout round

Box 17 - Yvonne £35,000

Banker's offer would've been:

8 - newbie Ove - £3,000

Banker's offer would've been:
£18,000 with an envelope containing two tickets to Las Vegas!!!

Box 10 - Kelly - £5,000

Banker time with 50p and £75,000 remaining

Banker's offer:
Banker's Gamble

Cassie says she couldn't bear to go home with just 50p...

Cassie says

Cassie's box 14 contains 50p

Jez's box 9 contains the £75,000

Noel asks if Cassie is covering the honeymoon still, and she says she is! Noel wishes her good luck for when the baby arrives in four months' time!

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