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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Autumn's Deal or No Deal Game Report 01/06/10

Noel talks about the player legacies, and he says that there's always commiserations and congratulations each night at the hotel. He also talks about how some players leave lucky charms for future players, and Neil had some stones that Jean brought with her a few days ago. Noel brings out a large breeze-block which he says is a lucky charm from Neil's demolished porch.

Autumn has box 1. Autumn says she likes Neil's breeze-block as a lucky charm! Autumn Bird is a phlebotomist and she talks a bit about her job and how needles are involved. We get to see a pic of her parents, and a pic of Autumn's late brother who recently died suddenly. Autumn also shows a pic of her 3 children. Her husband is in the audience today and she explains how she first met him in a pub.

Round 1
Noel puts the breeze-block on the floor so Autumn can stand on it to be taller.
5 - Steve - £100,000
15 - Mark - £10
Adam pipes up and says Autumn has a thing about one of Noel's body parts! Autumn explains she has a thing about squidgy bums.
8 - Ralph - 1p
6 - Cassie - £250,000
Noel says it's odd that the £250k is in a cycle of going early in games right now.
12 - Chloe - £15,000

Banker time
Noel says autumn's arrived early and the banker says she's heading for a FALL.

Banker's offer:

Autumn says

Round 2
Maurice now, and Noel explains we have 2 inspirational people on the wings - Rosie who is blind and Maurice who had cancer and has had part of his tongue removed.
14 - Maurice - £500
3 - Ahmed - 10p
Noel says so far Autumn's game is recovering well.
19 - newbie Rose - 50p

Banker time
The banker says that was a bad round for him, just as he was starting to love Autumn! He talks about phlebotomists and says he normally leaves his pants at reception to leave a sample.

Banker's offer:

Autumn talks about what the money could do for her and her parents.

Autumn says

Round 3
4 - Rosie - £750
16 - Paul - £5
10 - Sonia - £20,000

Banker time
The banker says £20,000 going was an irritation.

Banker's offer:

Autumn asks her husband who says it's a very good offer but he hopes she plays it herself. Autumn gets a bit emotional and Jo throws a toilet roll to Autumn so she can dry her eyes.

Autumn says

Round 4
20 - Harry - £5,000
2 - Logan - £100
Noel says Autumn has an ambition to have a family holiday to somewhere warm and exotic.
13 - Lee - £50

Banker time
The banker says he's not impressed with Jo because she threw a bog roll at Autumn.

Banker's offer:

Autumn says that would do a lot for her, and she tells a story of how when her brother died, she went to his grave and she asked for his help. She says she saw a ray of light on top of the grave, and a couple of days later, she got the call to go on DoND. Autumn explains he died on April 17th and she talks about box 17. Lee offers her a bit of advice.

Autumn says

Round 5
18 - Adam - £50,000
9 - Wendy - £35,000
OH MY WORD says Noel.
21 - Laurence - £1

Banker time
The banker says he feels moved after the story Autumn told, and after her NO DEAL.

Banker's offer:

Autumn's husband says the offer's a bit disappointing. Steve says if Autumn can keep the £75k, it'll be a lovely offer next. Alan says if the offer means a lot to Autumn then she should deal.

Autumn says

Round 6
7 - Alan - £1,000
11 - Jodie - £10,000
Autumn's husband joins her at the pound table as she gets rather emotional. She says she has to keep box 17 because of her brother.
22 - Jo - £250

Banker time with £3,000 and £75,000 remaining

The banker recognises the amount of faith that Autumn has invested in box 17.

Banker's offer:

The banker says if she no deals then she could lose £17,000. Adam asks whether she'd be more disappointed at possibly winning £3,000 or possibly missing out on £75,000. Noel says you have to make an uncomfortable decision to win big, and Autumn's husband says there are worse things than winning £3,000.

Autumn says

Noel says it felt like Autumn was going to say NO DEAL, and she agrees.

Autumn has £3,000 in her box 1

Box 17 with Mikey contains the £75,000

Noel says this show proves how difficult the game can be!

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