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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Joan's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel runs through the dreams of some of the contestant's and reveals that Annie wants to swim with polar bears. He talks about how this week has changed from last week, where the contestant's had their own way...

It’s Joan’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and she does so with box 14. Joan Jones, and Noel says that you must have married into that surname, as your parents couldn't have done that... Joan shows us some of her pics, and also tells Noel about her line dancing... A fortuneteller told Joan she would win a substantial amount of money, and Joan writes her target down in the book for later...

Round 1
Joan wants to start with box 1 as its part of her system...
1 - £15,000
22 - £3,000
3 - £750
4 - £1 Newbie James
20 - £100,000

What a shame there was a sting in the tail says Noel... The banker says he is feeling good this week, and likes Joan's name, as he knew someone in school called Fred Herring!! He then offers £6,000… Noel says that the banker has the hots for Joan!! Joan says NO DEAL

Round 2
5 - £250
9 - 10p
Joan picks box 11 next, but Noel says she doesn't seem that sure about the box, and Joan reveals that her system is based around birthdays... It's viewer competition time, and today is box 1 with £3,000…

Back to the game, and it’s the last box before the banker...
11 - £1,000

It's a good round says Noel, and we are feeling a little more relaxed now... The banker says he couldn't wait to ring again!!! He offers a dozen red roses, a diamond ring + £9,500… Stevie tells Joan she will need to asks how much the diamond ring is worth… Joan says NO DEAL

Round 3
17 - £10,000
13 - £10
19 - £50,000

The banker says that the relationship he is trying to build with Joan is based on her not taking him for loads of money!! He offers £7,500 + A trip for 2 on the Orient Express + dozen red roses… Joan says she needs some money as she has things to do, and her house needs a new roof... Annie tells Joan that she still has a very strong board... Joan says NO DEAL

Round 4
16 - £100
21 - £20,000
8 - £5

This is a very interesting board says Noel... The banker calls and says he is worried now, and the romance has gone!! From now on its cold hard cash... He offers £20,000… Noel wonders if the banker has come close to Joan's target, but she won't give anything away... Stevie and Caroline offer positive advice to play on, and Vicky reminds her to think of the downsides as well... Noel chips in with Eric's advice of removing the largest value on the board and then to evaluate the situation... Joan says NO DEAL

Round 5
6 - £5,000
7 - £35,000 Don't whimper says Noel, it's not ideal but still ok
2 - £50

The banker tells Noel he thought that £20,000 was Joan's target, and he would prefer to offer £20,000 again, but knows he has to go higher... He offers £30,000… Noel wonders if the banker has his Joan's target this time... Jon tells Joan that it would be a big gamble now, but would have been different if she had 3 reds remaining... Noel tells her that the £250,000 could be sitting in front of her... Joan says DEAL

Round 6 - Proveout round
10 - £75,000
12 - £250,000
Absolute perfection says Noel
15 - £500

It’s time for the Banker with 1p and 50p remaining… That was the perfect proveout round says Noel, and the banker says the wedding and everything is off!!! The Banker would have offered 14p

Noel opens Joan’s box 14 and reveals 1p
Box 18 contains the 50p

Noel looks in the book and reveals that Joan's target was £20,000

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