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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Daniel's Deal or No Deal Game Report

The battle of the sexes continues....

We are really revved up says Noel, after Jon's game where he did a fantastic swap at the end to pull of a great victory... He gives us the running total for the men so far, and it's £62,500...

It’s Daniel’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and he does so with box 16. Daniel is originally from Ghana, and gets confused about what year he came over to this country, either 1979, or 1989!! Daniel then totally confuses Noel with some science of numbers and says he has box 7 today, as 1+6=7...

Round 1
Daniel has a system, but it confuses Noel...
1 - £50
4 - £100
7 - 1p
10 - £1
Noel calls Daniel over and starts to say, “It's been a very long time...” But Daniel stops him from jinxing it!!
12 - £10,000

The banker has his file on Daniel and it says mental health worker, but there is a full stop after the first word!!! He goes onto to say that in Daniel's place of work there is a locker with a nurse inside!! And if you remove her gag, she will say that one the patients are missing!!!! Daniel replies that he will have the last laugh, and then the phone breaks!!!!!!! The banker offers £8,100… Daniel says NO DEAL

Round 2
13 - £500
14 - £20,000
Noel asks Daniel what his system is, and he replies that he will tell Noel after the break...It's viewer competition time, and today is box 3 with £3,000…

17 - £3,000

Noel tells the banker that it is a good strong board, and the banker replies that Daniel is hard to read... He offers £13,000… Does that get you excited asks Noel, and Daniel replies that he respects 13.... Daniel says NO DEAL

Round 3
19 - £250
22 - £15,000
Daniel asks if it is a break now! And Noel replies no, as we've just had a break...
3 - £1,000

The banker says that Daniel reminds him of Shah and Fin, who had great self-belief... And he is not sure how to get him out the chair!! Daniel asks if the banker is going to squeeze him, and after a bit of confusion with Noel, he means squeeze him for as little money as possible… The Banker offers £20,000… Daniel says NO DEAL

Daniel totally confuses Noel with his NO DEAL, and Daniel says that he just needs Noel to think faster!!!

Round 4
21 - £5
Noel says that Daniel is heading towards on of the best games ever, and Daniel asks for another break!! Noel shouts that it's not time yet!! He then sits on the floor to meditate, and calm down!!
15 - 10p The studio loves this…
If this is blue or £5,000 we have an extraordinary situation says Noel
8 - £10

Daniel explains why he chose box 8, and it was because he was born in August, and he then goes on to totally confuse Noel with more Daniel number logic... Noel then explains that it is important to remain clam now with such a strong board... He then shouts down the phone at the banker in a crazed manner!!!! The Banker offers £44,000… Daniel says there will be no sweep now, as he wants the fat money.... Daniel says NO DEAL

Round 5
5 - 50p Only the £750 remains in the blues
You are so close to the dream scenario now says Noel
9 - £5,000 The power 5 remain intact, and Noel says Daniel is making history now...
11 - £35,000

We go on says Daniel, and Noel says NO, we have a break replies Daniel, and Noel replies NO!!! Daniel says he saw one of the numbers yesterday, and he couldn't sleep last night.... You may not have slept well last night says Noel, but the banker says he won't sleep well tonight, and he offers £90,000… Daniel says that the number is still there... Daniel says NO DEAL

Daniel asks Noel if we are going on!!!

Round 6
20 - £750 The studio goes wild, and the top 4 amounts remain
Daniel is now guaranteed at least £50,000
2 - £75,000
We are on the edge of the perfect finish says Noel
6 - £250,000

It’s time for the Banker with £50,000 and £100,000 remaining… The banker admits that he was very scared in that last round, and says that Daniel is the most awesome player he has played against... He then offers £75,000… Daniel says DEAL

Noel opens Daniel’s box 16 and reveals £50,000
Box 18 contains the £100,000

The male total is now £137,500

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