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Friday, August 24, 2007

Claire's Deal or No Deal Game Report

Noel describes the mood as subdued in the dream factory, after this week's games, especially Vicky's heartbreaker of a game yesterday.

It’s Claire’s turn to take the walk of wealth today, and she does so with box 11. There are a few gasps from the wings when her name is called is out, and Claire says she is in shock as she has only been on the wings for 13 shows... Claire says her mum is the most important person in her life, and she hasn't got any trinkets with her today, as she didn't expect to be called up so early...

Round 1
17 - £3,000
Claire gets Pete to attempt a Liverpool accent...
6 - £100,000 Groans for that one
13 - £500
Noel asks Claire if she has a cat, as she has a catflap on the board...
10 - £5,000
15 - £1

Noel asks Claire what she thinks, and she replies it's not great but OK... The banker says that Claire could have washed her hair, and put better shoes on!! Noel asks if the banker has been listening behind the scenes, and he has! He reveals that he had overheard Claire saying she hadn’t washed her hair today, and would have put on better shoes if she had though she would play today!!! He then offers £5,500…Claire says that it is not a bad amount of money, but it's not enough… Claire says NO DEAL

Round 2
Stevie nearly starts a fight on the wings when he has a pop at Irene's height, and Noel steps in to sort it out!!
22 - £50
Daniel predicts a blue in his box...
12 - £35,000 That’s spot on in your predictions says Noel!!

It's viewer competition time, and today is box 3 with £5,000… Back to the game...

Noel has his hammer out to put Claire's earring back in
5 - 50p Newbie Alexandra

The banker says he has more stuff on Claire!! He then talks about the one with the hair on the wings, talking about Pete!! He says Claire said if she was a few years younger she would be tempted!! He then talks about Claire's underwear and says he knows she is wearing the same pants that she had on yesterday!! Claire says she isn't, and the banker admits he didn't know that, but it would have been funny if Claire agreed!! He then offers £7,500… Claire says NO DEAL

Round 3
18 - £50,000 Some groans for that one... And Noel says this is uncomfortable
9 - £250,000 That is a disaster says Noel...
1 - £10

I think all we can do is put a brave face on now says Noel... The banker says he is so relieved that the £250,000 has gone so early in the game... The banker talks about something he is planning for the Sunday show, and he aims to find out who is luckiest, men or women... He then says he cannot wait to offer Claire £2.14!!!! He then offers £900…There are boos for the offer... Claire says NO DEAL

Round 4
8 - £1,000
Claire says she can't stop looking at Ron, and Noel replies that he bets not many women have said that before!!!
19 - £10,000
Noel tells Claire to keep her chin up, as there is still big money in the game…
4 - £75,000

Wow says Noel, that is relentless bad luck... The banker is laughing down the phone at Claire's bad luck!!! Noel tells him that he can't do the £2.14 offer.... The Banker offers £450… Claire remains positive and says there is still £20,000 on the board... Noel thinks that the banker has made a massive mistake here, and will hopefully pay for his low offers… Claire says NO DEAL

Round 5
16 - £15,000 OH NO says Noel, this is like yesterday but twice as bad...
21 - £5
7 - £250

Yet again we have one of these nail-biting games where it's avoid the money... Ferdinand the lucky fly makes an appearance on set, and Noel tells Claire not to swat him away... The banker calls and asks how long it's been since she has washed her hair, as there are flies on the set now!!!!! He then offers £750… Claire says NO DEAL

Round 6
2 - 10p
3 - £20,000
14 - 1p

It’s time for the Banker with £100 and £750 remaining, and he offers £214… Claire says NO DEAL

Noel opens Claire’s box 11 and reveals £100
Box 20 contains the £750

What a game says Noel...

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