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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rosy's Game Report

Noel talks about John's game yesterday and also yet again about the £250,000 not being out on the 'pound table' for a record time.... We need to see this appear soon, otherwise I don't think we'll hear about anything else from Noel during the games!!

It's Rosy's turn in the 'Crazy Chair' today and she has box 10 - Noel says he's NOT been looking forward to today!!! (He's had some rather amusing pieces of banter with Rosy while waiting on the wings)

Round 1
Rosy whips up the audience into a frenzy
13 - £100
21 - £1
1 - £35,000
Rosy loses count of the number boxes she has opened.....
12 - £3,000
9 - £5,000

Noel discovers that Rosy has given the banker a gift of a lollipop! The banker makes an opening offer of £10,000, Rosy says

Round 2
Rosy offers Noel her chair!!
2 - 1p
4 - £10,000
Rosy asks Noel if they are having an ad break now! Noel gets out his whistle and gives it to Rosy to blow to call the break, on the return Rosy welcomes us back to her show.
3 - 50p

Rosy whips up the audience into another frenzy and gets a little confused over the number of boxes she has opened. Noel asks her what happens next and Rosy says 'Well he rings', Noel says 'NO! What do you think he will offer you?' The banker then calls and makes an offer of £20,000.01, Rosy says that's a lot of money and she respects his offer, but says NO DEAL.

Round 3
14 - £50,000 ohhhs there.....
20 - £500 cheers for the blue
6 - £100,000 groans all around

Rosy says that round was a bit of a blow but there are still big numbers up there, the banker calls and offers £15,000. Rosy forgets she has to answer Noel's question and says shall we go on? Noel then asks the question although we already know what Rosy is going to say now - NO DEAL.

Round 4
5 - £250,000
17 - £50
7 - 10p

Noel asks Rosy for an in depth review after the 8-box stage and Rosy replies 'have we done the 3 boxes'! The banker calls and Noel passes the phone over to Rosy, she says he has a sexy voice, Noel tries to listen in until Rosy tells him to go away and not be nosey!! Noel gets the phone back and sits on the floor to speak to the banker! As Noel gets up Rosy offers him a hand up and says 'you're getting old'. The banker offers £9,200.

Rosy calls her hubby down for some advice, he comes down and has a slurp of tea and then goes through the options with her. Rosy then turns to Noel and asks what he thinks she should do!! The audience all shout out DEAL. Noel asks the question and Rosy replies 'What should I do'! She then says NO DEAL.

Round 5
19 - £250
18 - £20,000
15 - £10

The banker calls and offers £15,000, Rosy weighs up the options and says DEAL.

Round 6 - Proveout round
11 - £750
16 - £15,000
8 - £1,000

With £75,000 and £5 left the banker calls and says he would have offered £30,000, Rosy says she doesn't regret dealing and she would have taken that offer.

Noel then opens Rosy's box 10 and reveals the £75,000! Box 22 contains the £5.

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