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Deal or No Deal is enjoyed my millions of viewers daily, where the contestants battle with The Banker to try and win a jackpot of £250,000. Here at donduk you will find full daily reports of each show, as well Deal or No Deal news and specials. Deal or No Deal although initially appearing very simple in format of just opening a few boxes for the chance to win some big money prizes, actually has some potentially complex decisions to be made at points throughout the show, the contestants occasionally try complex or simple gameplay in an attempt to give them an edge in beating the Banker.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Lisa's Game Report

Noel asks if anyone is going to win the £250,000 on this THURSDAY!!! An error or was this show supposed to be on a different day?

It's Lisa today and she has box 16, and it looks as though it could be a lively game with Lisa in the 'Crazy chair'!! Box 16 makes its appearance yet again!! Noel talks about its powers. Lisa has her hubby in the audience for support today, Lisa wants to become a midwife. We see Lisa's pics and see a pic of her cat 'tomato'.

Round 1
17 - 10p Lisa likes the opening blue - Noel tells her to pace herself
10 - £35,000
2 - £250
19 - £10
6 - £3,000

Lisa says the board is OK. The banker says it's 'loud Lisa' today, he also suggests that Lisa is such an amazing dancer and if she takes her place back on the wings he will play the opening credits music again for her to dance her way back the table and he will make the most generous offers all game. Lisa accepts the challenge and does some 'amazing' dancing to the opening music. The banker doesn't disappoint and offers £12,000, Lisa says it's a fantastic offer but NO DEAL.

Round 2
1 - £10,000
9 - £50,000 ohhs for that one
20 - £75,000 groans all around

Noel thinks the banker is going to punish Lisa after that round. The banker says it was £135,000 worth of damage and offers £9,000. Lisa says NO DEAL.

Round 3
Lisa says she's finding it difficult and Noel offers for hubby to come down and join her for support. Lisa asks everyone to stop looking at her so Noel tells all the contestants to turn around and face the other way

18 - £1
14 - 1p
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start
15 - £5,000

Noel asks Lisa what she is thinking after that round, she is unsure... The banker offers £14,000, Lisa calls hubby down for some advice, he says remember it's real money and Noel goes to Harry for his 'TAX FREE' line! Mary tells Lisa how many blues and almost blues she has and that she can't really destroy the game by going one more round, Lisa says

Round 4
7 - £5 BIG cheers and shouts for the blue
5 - £250,000 That hit Lisa hard and Noel calls a break
3 - £100,000

It's a horrible round and the banker makes an offer of £2,000. Lisa says that's still a good offer after that last round. Her husband thinks she should cut and run and take the deal, Lisa says NO DEAL.

Round 5
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE as Lisa gets very emotional now
11 - £20,000 This is hitting Lisa hard now
More chants
22 - £50
More chants
21 - £15,000

DISASTER!!! Lisa is in tears and it's time for the banker who offers £400, Lisa says NO DEAL

Round 6
Chants of BLUE
13 - £500
12 - £1,000 Mark says if he has a good game he will give Lisa £1,000
4 - £750

With only 50p and £100 left the banker offers £30, Lisa says NO DEAL.

The banker calls back and offers a swap Lisa says NO SWAP.

Noel opens Lisa's box 16 and reveals £100, box 8 contains the 50p.

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