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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Barbara's Game Report

Deal or No Deal starts it's new schedule of moving to a Sunday evening. Noel introduces the show and mentions AGAIN about the £250,000 not being on the table for a record number of shows! Please have it today, or this could be Noel's banter for quite a while!

It's Barbara's turn in the crazy chair today and she takes her seat with box 7, she wants a ROWDY game today with LOTS of NOISE!!! The audience oblige.

Round 1
8 - £10,000
12 - £250 Lots of noise for the first blue
5 - £50,000
4 - £500 Lots more noise for the blue
1 - £750 Even more noise

Noel asks Barbara about a story at nudist hotel!! Noel disappears to get a chair as the story could take a while! The banker calls with his offer, but also wants to know the name of the hotel that Barbara visited!! He then offers £8,888, Barbara says it's a good offer, but NO DEAL.

Noel asks for MORE noise this time!!!!
Round 2
3 - £3,000
13 - 1p LOTS OF NOISE FOR 1p
11 - £35,000 Harry dressed all in red gives a red

Barbara mentions that she would love to go to Vegas, Noel asks if she is a gambler but she says no, Noel interrupts and says YES you are aren't you! The banker mentions a stat that whenever box 7 has been on the table it has NEVER had a power 5 value and is unlucky while at the table, which prompts him to offer £13,013. Noel mentions that Mally's law could change the box 7 stat and it could have a power 5 today, Barbara says NO DEAL.

Round 3
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start
9 - £10
17 - £250,000 the record continues!!!
2 - £75,000 ooohhhhs all around

Barbara says it's a bad round, Noel says the banker is really happy at the moment and offers £3,000. Barbara says NO DEAL.

Round 4
Barbara whips up the audience into a frenzy and Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start
6 - £15,000 gasps all around
19 - £5 Barbara liked that one
21 - 10p

Noel goes to new contestant Gaz for his opinion he says he thinks the offer will be £5,000, Barbara gets to speak to the banker and says he sounds really sexy, he then makes an offer of £5,000. Barbara says NO DEAL.

Round 5
More chants of BLUE
22 - £50 Barbara liked that one as did the did the audience
More chants
18 - 50p LOTS more noise
More chants
20 - £20,000

The £100,000 is still in play, although the banker says the £20,000 going was critical there and sticks on his previous offer of £5,000. Barbara says NO DEAL.

Round 6

10 - £5,000 silence for the middle red left
More chants
14 - £1 LOTS of NOISE
More chants
16 - £100 The whole studio erupts!!!!!

It's time for the banker's final offer with the last 2 remaining amounts of £100,000 and £1,000. The banker says he made a mistake with the last offer and thought Barbara would take that offer, he makes a final offer of £22,000. Barbara wants the question straight away and says NO DEAL. Barbara says she's up for it!!!

Noel is just about to open the box and the banker calls to offer the swap, Barbara asks for the swap.

Noel goes over and makes the box swap, he then opens box 15 and reveals £1,000 - there's shouts from the audience first thinking it's the £100,000! Box 7 contains the £100,000.

Barbara had the £100,000 all along and gives it away at the last moment, keeping it would have produced a game along the lines of Gaz's game (2nd May).

1 comment:

Steve said...

I've been a stranger to this series due to some long hours in the office. This means that many of the contestants are almost unknown to me, even when they get into the chair.

My mate and I watched this together and we agreed that Barbara was not pleasant to watch. She was loud, shrewish, bossy and greedy. We did not enjoy her show.

I am a little ashamed to admit we were both rather pleased that she gave away the £100,000 box.