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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Jane's Game Report

Here we are the night we've all been waiting for, the shows first birthday special. Hopefully Noel will change his shirt for tonight's hour long special!! There aren't any set changes for the first of the birthday shows, they are obviously saving it all for the special show later.

Jane takes her place at the pound table today and does so with box 4 today, Jane has a pic of her 2 sons, and also a pic of her friends dressed up in 70's gear! Jane is doing a City & Guilds course in creative writing, she currently works with special needs children, she doesn't have any system at all, it's all going to be random today, she doesn't have a target either.

Round 1
15 - £15,000 mixed reaction on the red....
17 - 1p cheers for the 1p
22 - £20,000 mixed reactions again for that one....
6 - £1,000
7 - £3,000

Jane says she is a little quirky, and Noel says he likes quirky! The banker is not forthright in wishing the show happy birthday!! And says that Jane is the first player to come to the 'crazy chair' already wearing the lucky hat!!!! He then makes an opening offer of £10,000. Jane says it's an amazing offer, Noel says she might as well go right to the end as she has no target in mind!! Jane says NO DEAL.

Round 2
19 - 50p
9 - £500
5 - £50,000 a few gasps for that one...

Noel goes to Spikey who thinks the offer will be around £12k.... The banker phones and calls everyone idiots! He then offers £19,000, this gets a few gasps. Noel says that the banker looks as though he wants to start getting contestants to deal early and not play on and take him for more money. Jane says NO DEAL.

Round 3
2 - 10p
20 - £50 cheers and applause for the 2nd blue of the round.
18 - £10

A superb all blue round, and Noel goes to Lee for his opinion, he says it's a really strong board and the banker will make an offer to get rid of Jane now. Mary says that Jane has to play on as it's her day and it's a great board. The banker wants to appeal to Jane's better nature and says he is really really sorry about the lucky hat comment earlier, he then offers £27,000. Noel asks Jane what she is thinking, she says she can't believe anything that is happening at the moment. She goes for advice from her fellow contestants, Spikey says go, Gaz says he knows what Jane's goal is and to seriously think about that offer (has that revealed some info for the banker if Jane plays on!!)

Jane is struggling on this decision, but says DEAL. There are groans and various noises from the audience on that decision, it looks as though they all think it's the wrong move. Noel reveals Jane's dream for the money and it was for a camper van which the win has made come true. Jane also reveals that her system for choosing the boxes was based on colour and what the contestants were wearing, she then has a little pop at Noel's shirts!!!!

Round 4 - proveout round
11 - £5,000
14 - £35,000 Noel says it's not enough to ruin the game
21 - £250

There are gasps all around the studio with the power 3 still in play and the banker is gloating now!! He says he would have offered £47,000 if Jane had played on, Jane says she would have dealt that offer.

Round 5 - proveout round
3 - £100,000
16 - £5
13 - £250,000

There is great relief with that round as the top 2 amounts go, the banker would have offered
£11,000, Jane says she feels a bit better now.

Round 6 - proveout round
12 - £750
10 - £100
8 - £75,000

There is great relief on that last box and it leaves a final 2 of £1 and £10,000. The banker would have offered £2,700.

Noel opens Jane’s box 4 and reveals £10,000, box 1 contains the £1.

Noel asks if Jane is comfortable losing £20,000!!!! He then tells Jane to paint her camper van red just like the boxes.

It was a deal one round too soon, but a nice win for Jane.

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