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Monday, October 09, 2006

John's Game Report

With the £250,000 still not making an appearance on the table, expect Noel to continue his ramblings regarding its imminent arrival. Noel makes his introduction to a new week of Deal or No Deal and does indeed talk about the £250,000 due to make its appearance soon.

It's 'Tingle' John's turn to take the walk of wealth today, he does so with box 8. We learn that John is a retired bank manager! And so gives us a banker vs. banker game today.

Round 1
John has all his numbers picked and offers to let Noel know them all in advance! Noel says we'll have them one at a time to start with.
3 - £35,000 silence for that one
4 - £250
7 - £50,000
10 - 1p Cheers for the 1p
11 - £3,000

The banker respects John but calls him old tingle chops!! And he has been itching to play him! He makes an opening offer of £9,200. The banker said he wanted John to be the first contestant to walk at the first offer, John says he respects the offer, but says NO DEAL.

Round 2
15 - £10
16 - £100,000 groans all around
1 - £10,000 silence for the red

Noel is not impressed with John's system because he is taking out too many reds, John says but that gives him more blues to hit and take out later on. Noel asks John about his system, John says he analysised loads of games and looked for patterns to play his game. Noel says you spent all that time studying to produce a game this bad!! John says he is changing to a slightly more random system now.

The banker is interested in John's chaos theory and thinks that John has lost his tingle and offers £11,000. John goes to Alex for advice, he says to go on, John says NO DEAL.

Round 3
9 - £750 cheers the blue
5 - £50 more cheers
2 - 50p

John gets an all blue round and the banker makes an offer of
£17,500. John says it's a very good offer, but the £250,000 is still in play and the offer will increase next time if it continues to stay in play, he says NO DEAL.

Round 4
John goes to Harry for his next box and Noel tells Harry if he reveals the £250,000 next he will go over and slap him!!!
14 - £250,000 NOEL!!!!! Harry is let off until after the show
22 - £5
Noel calls a break to go and give Harry his slap!! After the ad break we return to a shot of Harry and he has a couple of plasters on his head!
17 - 10p

John says the average is still good at the moment, the banker says he was relieved when the £250,000 went and offers £9,200, which was his first offer of the game. John asks for a quick sweep, Harry interrupts with a speech about taxes and the win being tax free, John says NO DEAL.

Round 5
13 - £20,000 ooohs for that one
12 - £75,000 John asks for everyone to liven up
21 - £100

That was a horrible round for John and he says it's time for another change of strategy. The banker calls and makes an offer of £3,950. John has little think about the numbers left and then says NO DEAL.

Round 6
The BLUE BLUE BLUE chants start
20 - £500
More chants
19 - £15,000 Silence as the highest remaining red goes
18 - £1,000

With £5,000 and £1 left the banker says that he is getting a little bit of warmth for John and makes a final offer of £2,500.
John says it's a very nice offer considering the values left on the board, but NO DEAL.

The banker calls back and offers the swap, John says that's the most difficult decision he has had to make in the game, but he doesn't want to swap boxes.

Noel opens John's box 8 and reveals £1, box 6 contains the £5,000.

John is very positive about his game and tells all the contestants to remain positive in their games.

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leo said...

Yet another example of the "system" producing disastrous results!