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Deal or No Deal is enjoyed my millions of viewers daily, where the contestants battle with The Banker to try and win a jackpot of £250,000. Here at donduk you will find full daily reports of each show, as well Deal or No Deal news and specials. Deal or No Deal although initially appearing very simple in format of just opening a few boxes for the chance to win some big money prizes, actually has some potentially complex decisions to be made at points throughout the show, the contestants occasionally try complex or simple gameplay in an attempt to give them an edge in beating the Banker.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Donna's Game Report

Another day in the dream factory and yet again we hear about the absence of the £250,000!! Please let it be today, so Noel can then return to some other topic!!!

It's Donna's turn to take the 'walk of wealth' today, she does so with box 18. We learn that Donna left her job last month, and is currently unemployed, she has a tiny red box with her but we don't hear the story behind it.

Round 1
14 - £3,000
5 - £20,000 a few intakes of breath for that one
12 - £250 Cheers and a few whoops for the first blue
6 - £35,000 silence....
1 - £50 cheers for the final blue

Donna says this is harder than it looks! Noel talks to the banker about the £250,000 appearing really soon or even today, the banker makes an opening offer of £8,900. Donna says it's a very good offer considering the board, she says she has had the £250,000 a lot standing in the wings so hopefully she has it today as well, she then says NO DEAL.

Round 2
8 - £750
15 - £100,000 ohhhs all around.....
4 - £5

Donna says the board is looking a lot better now, the banker calls and makes an offer of £10,000. Noel again talks about the £250,00 due on the table anytime now!!! Donna says NO DEAL.

Round 3
20 - 1p Cheers and feet stomping for the 1p
19 -50p
10 - £1,000

A nice round there and the banker offers £15,000, Alex says that offer is lower than he expected although he is not disrespecting the banker! Donna says NO DEAL.

Round 4
17 - £100 cheers and applause
22 - £500 more cheers and applause
2 - £250,000 Another day it doesn't make the 'pound table'

The banker calls and offers £7,500, Donna says NO DEAL.

Round 5
7 - £50,000 groans
16 - £15,000
21 - £10 cheers for the blue

The banker calls and offers £10,000, Harry says Donna should deal, as do most of the other contestants, Donna says NO DEAL.

Round 6
Chants of BLUE BLUE BLUE start around the studio
9 - £5,000
More chants
11 - £10,000

It's time for the banker with £75,000 and 10p left. The banker offers £30,000, Noel asks the audience to stand if they think she should deal, nearly everyone stands. Donna says DEAL.

Noel opens Donna's box 18 and reveals £75,000!! Box 3 contains the 10p.

For the second day in a row the contestant has come to the table with £75,000 but not played to the very end to take the big money away with them. Will it appear on the table tomorrow for a third day in a row, or will the £250,000 finally make its appearance?

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