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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Peter's Deal or No Deal Game Report 27/02/11

Peter has box 17 today.

Peter is a Royal mail delivery driver. Peter says he always smiles, and thinks that it gets him into a lot of trouble as his bosses always wonder why he is smiling and tell him to get on with his job! Peter has his wife in the audience and she tells us how they first met, and he was reluctant to ask her out as he thought she was miserable!

Noel shows us a picture of Peter with his medal for the Great North Run, where he ran the whole race with torn ligaments! Peter shows another picture of his garden which he loves, and also a photo of his family.

Peter says he has favourite numbers, and he already knows what his 5-box is going to be. Peter asks Noel to remind him if he tries to take out any of the numbers he wants to save.

Round 1
Peter picks box 16 first, and all the pilgrims shout out that is one of his favourite numbers!
14 - £50
4 - £100 Archie
12 - £5,000 Ellen
3 - £3,000 Fran
10 - £15,000 Debbie

Banker time
The Banker says he has been dreading this game, as he sees this as a gun fight with the way Peter pulled off all his seals while on the wings! The Banker then shows a montage of Peter pulling off the seals.

Banker's offer:

Peter says that is a hell of a lot of money, but he knows his family have told him to have a good time and have a bit of a flutter.

Peter says

Noel says that Peter has been one of the most demanding contestants ever, and Peter has asked for hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows in it. Peter then makes up his hot chocolate drink.

Round 2
2 - £10 Nick
The Banker has had an idea after seeing Nicks tag fling, he will now put on a gunslinger sound effect!
5 - £500 Paul
That looks great says Noel. Peter then asks if Noel would push a couple of marshmallows in his mouth and do a Marlon Brando impression
13 - £20,000 Alex

Banker time

That is an incredibly balanced board says Noel. The Banker says that is the first time he has wanted to buy the box and the drink!

Banker's offer:

The Banker is taking you very seriously says Noel.

Peter says

Round 3
21 - £250,000 Tiffany
8 - £1 Barbara
Noel runs through some of Peter's dreams, and one of them is to take his wife to Mexico where there is a hotel that she has always dreamed of staying in.
9 - £50,000 Danielle

Banker time
You have just torn a lot of money out of your game says Noel. The Banker says that was disastrous.

Banker's offer:

Peter says

Round 4
20 - £5 Andre
11 - £100,000 Dom
Oh dear says Noel.
22 - £10,000 Olivia

Banker time
Peter says he is feeling good, he understands the value of money, and had the blessing from his family to gamble today.

Banker's offer:

Peter says

Round 5
1 - £35,000 Kim
7 - £1,000 Lee
6 - £750 Vel

Banker time
It's all or nothing now says Noel. The Banker says he is going to give Peter a choice now, and asks if he wants an offer now. Peter says he is not silly, and would like an offer now.

Banker's offer:

The Banker says that is a killer offer as Peter still has the 3 lowest values still in the game. Paul suggests a sweep of the wings as Peter is struggling with this. The sweep is quite mixed, as is the response from the pilgrims. Peter's wife joins him at the pound table. Peter's wife reminds him about the phone call he had with his mum this morning where she said she had a feeling about his box, and it would be a good one. Peter says you never go against your mum as they are always right

Peter says

Round 6
15 - 1p Newbie Jefferson
16 - 10p Frank
18 - 50p Rachel

Banker time with £250 and £75,000 remaining

They all went in order, that is so spooky says Noel. The Banker pretends to be Peter's mum and tells him to deal.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that Peter is worrying him now as he almost scowled at that offer, and Peter says he would be going against his mum if he dealt.

Before Noel asks the question the Banker calls back and tells Peter it is 50/50 here, and he genuinely respects Peter's thoughts about his mum's feelings, but if he takes the £20,000 then he will still have money in the bank and his mum will be right. Peter asks if he deals can he take a mug home for his mum. The Banker agrees

Peter says

Noel opens Peter's box 17 and reveals £75,000

Box 19 with Stephen contains the £250

Peter says sorry to his mum...

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