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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Dolly's Deal or No Deal Game Report 08/02/11

Dolly has box 18.

Dolly explains that Dolly is actually a nickname and her real name is Emma. Dolly says she works at a substance misuse centre, and says it's an interesting job and she works with people who are in the final days of recuperation. We get to see some pics of Dolly's mum with their dogs. She talks about her passion for boxing, and shows a photo of her wearing boxing gloves! She says her dad is very cheerful and shows a pic of him with his umbrella turned inside out.

Dolly says she asked advice from her poker-playing friend and he told her not to attach emotions to any boxes.

Round 1
Dolly says she asked advice from her poker-playing friend and he told her not to attach emotions to any boxes.
7 - Leanne - £100
14 - Big Al - £1,000
13 - Ade - £1
1 - Nick - £50
15 - Charlotte - £15,000

Banker time
The banker says he had an escape yesterday as Adam had one of the biggest game crashes ever. He says he loves Dolly's photo, and in particular one of her mum with their dog, as it looks like she's just caught him from the sea! He reckons Dolly will be hard to read.

Banker's offer:

Dolly says that's a fair offer for a good opening round.

Dolly says

Round 2
Noel says Dolly once reversed into a car, and did the exact same thing the next day!

Noel speaks to Vel and we discover that his family are from Serbia, and he's very keen on good spelling and grammar.

8 - Vel - 10p
Noel says Dolly's outfit makes it look like she's wearing wellies!
20 - Amy - £250,000
Noel says he feels guilty, as Dolly went for Amy because Noel spoke to her. He then speaks about newbie Paul, and Dolly tells him not to influence things so Noel sits backstage
11 - Vicki - £250

Banker time
The banker says he'd normally halve the offer.

Banker's offer:

Dolly says

Round 3
22 - Carol - £10
2 - Shaun - £35,000
Noel says the board's looking OK. Dolly asks Dylan if he's had the 1p and if he thinks he'll ever have it!
9 - Dylan - 50p

Banker time
The banker says this bunch is a strange lot, and says Vel is interested in arts and culture and must be on this show by mistake.

Banker's offer:

Dolly says she's got half a social workers degree, and may use any money she wins to continue her degree and get a pad of her own. Dolly asks for some advice from the wings and she asks Stu, and Noel says he's the worst reader of the board ever! She asks her mum in the audience, who says they're optimists and she thinks Dolly won't be disappointed if the game goes wrong but the offer would have a great effect.

She says the pessimist may be proved right in the end but the optimist has a better journey and Noel says that's a great quote.

Dolly says

Round 4
Noel tries to guess Phoenix's real name and gets it wrong again. He says Phoenix has had 10 reds in a row.
3 - Phoenix - £50,000
16 - newbie Paul - £500
Dolly chooses Tiffany but changes her mind when she says she had the 1p yesterday.
6 - Peter - £5,000

Banker time
The banker says he's going to be proved right and will enjoy the journey!

Banker's offer:

Dolly analyses the board and says she recognises the offer but also recognises that she could go on and win a lot of money. Noel says when the banker sticks, it can be regarded as a lifeline. Dolly's mum says the offer shouldn't be dismissed easily, but she also says Dolly is only here once and is enjoying herself. Dolly says she loves the board but wants to get rid of the 1p.

Dolly says

Noel says Dolly's a bit of a minx as he thought that would be a no deal.

Round 5 - proveout
Noel says Dolly is taking delight in the fact that she fooled everyone then! Noel says he thinks Dolly should've gone on, and lots of the audience agree with him. The banker phones and says Dolly's done the right thing and might be proved right as this is the classic board that looks deceptively strong.
17 - Tiffany - £20,000
Noel says that's good for Dolly.
10 - Stu - £75,000
Noel admits he might be wrong and tells Dolly to find the 1p!
12 - Darrel - £750

Banker time

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 - proveout
Noel says Dolly's done the right thing but she could still have won £100,000!
4 - Sophie - £3,000
That doesn't prove anything, says Noel.
5 - Kitty - 1p
19 - Dom - £100,000

Banker time with £5 and £10,000 remaining....

Noel says he's been proved totally wrong. The banker says Stu's not the worst board reader in the room.

Banker's offer would've been:

Dolly has £5 in her box 18.

Box 21 with Patricia contains the £10,000

Noel admits he'd have got it wrong and says Dolly fooled him completely.

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