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Thursday, February 03, 2011

IJ's Deal or No Deal Game Report 03/02/11

IJ has box 8.

Noel tries to pronounce IJ's full name! IJ is a cover supervisor from Wembley, and she explains her job is a form of supply teacher. She shows a photo of her mum, and she says she's such an inspiration and has recently started studying again for various qualifications. We also get to see a pic of her family at Christmas many years ago. IJ says her dad passed away a month ago, and her mum encouraged her not to pass the opportunity of appearing on DoND. IJ also has a scrapbook with her, which she has added stuff to for many years, and she also has an angel ornament with her. She has everything happens for a reason and what happens today is what happens.

Round 1
IJ has no system.
1 - Dolly - £15,000
12 - Charlotte - £10,000
Noel says that's low compared to the values Charlotte normally has.
6 - Peter - £5,000
Newbie Nick now, and IJ talks to him about his life.
17 - newbie Nick - £50,000
13 - Patricia - £5

Banker time
The banker thinks IJ has what it takes to turn the tide of recent bad luck. He says it's extraordinary that IJ came on the show despite her father's death recently.

Banker's offer:

IJ says

Round 2
9 - Big Al - £500
19 - Sophie - £250,000
21 - Shaun - £100,000
"What's going on?" asks IJ!

Banker time
The banker says he thinks he'll be dancing by the end of this game.

Banker's offer:

IJ says

Round 3
Noel starts to say something about IJ and she sits down, and he says she's hidden the evidence! Noel reveals she wants to have a "Beyonce bum". Noel asks if there are any potential donors in the audience. The banker rings back and says IJ's perfect as she is, and Noel has a similar problem. The small phone behind the scenes rings, and Noel goes to answer it and finds a bum-shaped cushion on his red chair, so he straps it onto his bottom, and then models it on the walk of wealth. Ron slaps him on the bottom and Noel says he was expecting that from Phoenix but not Ron. Noel now picks on Amy about the top she's wearing.
16 - Tomas - £250
22 - Carol - £50
Noel says IJ is packed full of positivity.
10 - Leanne - £1

Banker time

Banker's offer:

IJ says that's not what she came for. Adam says he thinks there's another round in it, and Phoenix says he can feel the next round will be all-blue.

IJ says

Round 4
20 - Phoenix - £3,000
7 - Adam - 1p
Noel says Adam looks like he's dressed like a Japanese fighter pilot from the waist down. IJ wonders if she should go with box 16 and Ron which is her dad's birthday, but Ron reckons she should leave it.
11 - Ade - £35,000

Banker time
The banker talks about the moment when Adam revealed what he was wearing from his waist downwards.

Banker's offer:

Phoenix says she came here to win big, so she should go on even though it could be risky. Adam talks about how Georgina was over the moon with the £5,000 she dealt at.

IJ says

Round 5
18 - Vicki - £75,000
What a week, says Noel.
4 - Dylan - £750
15 - Ron - £100

Banker time
IJ says she's going all the way as things happen for a reason.

Banker's offer:

IJ says she doesn't want to disrespect the money but that's not a life changing sum.

IJ says

Round 6
5 - Stu - 50p
2 - Amy - £10
14 - Darrel - £20,000

Banker time with 10p and £1,000 remaining

Noel says the bad luck of this week continues. The banker says he's in admiration of IJ for being courageous given the circumstances.

Banker's offer:

IJ says

IJ wins £1,000 from her box 8.

Box 3 with Kitty contains the 10p

Noel says IJ played that game with pure courage.

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