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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dylan's Deal or No Deal Game Report 23/02/11

Dylan has box 18.

He's a bit weepy as he takes the walk of wealth and Noel makes fun of him for that! We get to see a photo of Dylan with his girlfriend, and says he's about to move in with her. He wanted to bring his lucky hat but he couldn't find it, so he brought the soft-toy mascot of the rugby team he plays with! He also has a lucky egg with him and says he kisses it when he makes important decisions.

Round 1
3 - Franca - £5,000
5 - Lee - £35,000
8 - Olivia - £250,000
The banker phones and says his relationship with Olivia continues to grow and blossom.
17 - Carol - £500
9 - Paul - £3,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Noel says that offer's good for the circumstances.

Dylan says

Round 2
Noel says Dylan's surname "Hall" makes him sound like a stately home!
15 - Frank - £100
10 - Fran - £10
11 - Debbie - 10p

Banker time
The banker says he's looking forward to dining with Olivia tonight.

Banker's offer:

Dylan says

Round 3
6 - Vel - £20,000
20 - Kitty - 50p
21 - Danielle - £50

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Noel asks Nick what he thinks, and he says the offer wouldn't be enough for him.

Dylan says

Round 4
Noel says this is Dylan's pivotal round.
22 - Kim - £1,000
4 - Dom - 1p
Dylan says Ellen is a bully, and was kicked out of the hotel bar for doing flaming Sambuca shots!
16 - Ellen - £50,000

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Dylan asks for advice, and is told to keep going and is reminded of his lucky egg!

Dylan says

Round 5
Noel thinks this round will send the game to the banker or to Dylan.
7 - Peter - £15,000
2 - newbie Andre - £750
1 - Alex - £5

Banker time
The banker says Dylan's last no deal was brave, and he's earnt this.

Banker's offer:

Dylan says he arrived with Ade, Darrel and Vicki, and they all had poor games. He says they said one of them would win big, and Dylan thinks it must be him.

Dylan says

Round 6
Dylan says his first game was £100,000 Dale's, and that also gives him confidence to go on.
12 - Archie - £10,000
Dylan says he's a bit of a mathematician, and doesn't think the big values will be grouped together. Noel highlights the randomness of the game.
14 - Barbara - £250
Noel says Dylan now can't take both the remaining big values. The banker phones and says he may offer the SWAP and no money at all, so he gives Dylan the chance to stop now.

Banker's offer:

Dylan asks the people on the wings who had what in their boxes, so he can work out where the values were, and Noel realises it means Dylan must have the £1 in his box! The banker phones and says he believes in Dylan's grouping system, and he says he now won't offer any SWAP at all.

The banker phones back again and says he doesn't often make an offer at this stage, so Dylan should respect it. He says Dylan's mother must ask him the question, so Noel brings her down to the table to ask it!

Dylan says

Round 6 - part 2

19 - Nick - £100,000

Banker time with £1 and £75,000 remaining...

Noel says this is one of the most frightening climaxes we've had, due to Dylan's system telling him he has £1 in his box, and no swap available!

Banker's offer:

Dylan's mother says you need to know when to stop, and she may have stopped earlier but she's not as strong as him. Dylan says he's seen so many games where people have dealt and missed out on lots, and his mum points out what he could do with the money on offer.

Dylan says

Dylan has £1 in his box 18.

Box 13 with Tiffany contains the £75,000

Noel apologises for calling Dylan mad over his system!

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