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Friday, November 19, 2010

Shaun's Deal or No Deal Game Report 19/11/10

Noel says we've got a tremendous excitement going at the moment, as next week is the 5th anniversary week. He asks the audience some trivia questions about DoND. He asks who Lynn Atherton is, and a bloke calls out "the first ever player"! Noel says "he's a nerd" and then the camera reveals that the man looks suspiciously like dond.co.uk's MisterAl.

Shaun has box 17. Shaun is a builder from Leeds and Noel asks if he'll start the game and then vanish for a couple of weeks. Shaun talks about how he did boxing professionally, but he stopped doing it so he could spend more time with his family. We get to see an old pic of Shaun with a yellow mohican.

Shaun has his fiancée in the audience, and she says they met in a nightclub and have been engaged for 5 years and would like to win some money today, to get married. We also get to see a pic of Shaun's daughter, and he shows us a card that his daughter made and she put box 15 on the front.

Round 1
20 - Adam - £100,000
4 - Annie - £250
6 - Aimee - £10,000
Shaun says 3 has always jumped out at him but the number 3 means nothing to him. He talks about an incident where he once got a body shot and couldn't breathe for a while. Shaun chooses Jan and she reveals she's done some boxing with her brothers.
7 - Jan - £50,000
16 - Fred - £750

Banker time
The banker calls Shaun the 'Pocket Rocket'. He comments on how Shaun almost had the same opening round as Kat yesterday.

Banker's offer:

Noel says that's the same 1st offer that Kat got.

Shaun says

Round 2
8 - Kim - 50p
19 - Nat - £15,000
10 - AJ - £5,000

Banker time
The banker gives Shaun the same 2nd offer that Kat got.

Banker's offer:

Shaun says he's never had that much money, and would like to put the money on a deposit for a house and also make more children!

Shaun says

Round 3
Shaun says he was considering keeping box 22 but may pick it now.
18 - Claire - £500
Olympia now, and she says her box is hot today.
21 - Olympia - £1,000
Noel says she's wrong.
14 - Kirsty - £35,000

Banker time
Noel talks again about the similarities to Kat's game and the banker wonders if Shaun has the same strong beliefs as Kat. Shaun says he thinks £250,000 is in box 13. The banker gives the same 3rd offer that Kat got.

Banker's offer:

Shaun asks his fiancée and then she accuses him of not listening.

Shaun says

Round 4
1 - Glenn - £10
5 - John - 10p
3 - Antonio - £5

Banker time
The banker says he has a problem, as Kat dealt at this point in her game so he wants to get the offer right here. He talks about the wedding and says the average cost of a wedding is £14,000 but it's cheaper if you marry a builder who's Polish.

Banker's offer:

Shaun's fiancée says it's a brilliant offer but he still has the 2 big ones on the board.

Shaun says

Round 5
Shaun decides to leave 15 because of his daughter's card.
9 - newbie Danielle - £100
Shaun wonders if he could make a deal with the banker now! The banker phones up.

Banker's offer:

Shaun says

Round 5 (continued)
Shaun chooses a box but his fiancée says it's her birthday! Shaun says he wants to keep them all. The banker phones back and asks if Shaun is sure he doesn't want to deal as we all have homes to go to.
2 - Elli - £75,000
22 - Wayne - 1p

Banker time
The banker says that was a balanced round. He says he's been watching Shaun very closely.

Banker's offer:

Noel says the banker thinks that's fair, and Shaun says he expected a bit more for being brave. His fiancée says that's a lot of money but he still has 3 reds on the board. AJ says Shaun is in a fight with the banker, and Shaun's instinct is to carry on and beat the banker, but he has to think carefully. Shaun says he really doesn't want to deal and wonders what you gain if you don't gamble.

Shaun says

Round 6 (proveout)
12 - Jamie - £1
Perfect start, says Noel.
11 - Andrea - £250,000
13 - Bill - £3,000

Banker time with £50 and £20,000 remaining...

Banker's offer would've been:

Shaun wonders if he'd been allowed the swap. He says he would've swapped. The banker phones and says he would've offered the swap.

Noel carries out the hypothetical swap and swaps Shaun's box 17 for Mary's box 15.

Box 15 now with Shaun contains £50

Box 17 now with Mary contains the £20,000

Noel says that was another game with an in-built warning that lucky numbers don't always have the big money.

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