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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Damian's Deal or No Deal Game Report 16/11/10

Noel says there is a real buzz in the Dream factory as the 5th birthday celebrations will soon be here, he talks about Nick Bains who was the first 1p winner, and Mally who created Mally's law, Corrine gets a mention for her dramatic 1p win.

Damian has box 9 today. Damian is a steel mill setter, and he explains a little about his job. Noel talks about Damian being a first aider but he has had to give himself first aid on a few occasions! We get to see a picture of Damian's mum and dad, and another of him with his stepson. Damian has his fiancee in the audience for support and she says that they met in a pub after she set her sights on him! Damian says that they have been engaged for 4 years now, but everytime they save for a wedding they seem to blow the money on something else.

Round 1
Damian says he is starting at the top of the country and working his way down with where the contestants come from.
17 - £100 Kirsty
5 - £1,000 Bill
15 - 1p Annie
1 - £75,000 Kat
20 - £250 Elli

Banker time
Apart from the £75,000 that system seems to be working well says Noel. The Banker thinks they need an onscreen graphic to help with the system today. The Banker thinks he is in a lot of trouble as everyone knows all the money is in the south

Banker's offer:

Damian says

Round 2
11 - £1 Bonita
13 - £3,000 Shaun
We now have an onscreen graphic to help with Damian's system
19 - £250,000 Mary

Banker time
Oh dear says Noel, a trip to Manchester just cost £250,000! The Banker says that people in Hull and Leeds are up in arms at the moment arguing who is furthest north!

Banker's offer:

Damian says

Round 3
There are now 3 contestants from Liverpool, so there is a debate as to who is first! Jan is a little unsure whereabouts in Liverpool she is!
12 - 10p John
8 - £5,000 Nat
4 - £35,000 Jan

Banker time
Isn't that a shame as we was rolling along nicely then says Noel. The Banker talks about a big battle between the big reds of Manchester and the big reds of Liverpool.

Banker's offer:

Damian's fiancee tells him to just go for it...

Damian says

Round 4
10 - £50,000 Newbie Andrea
2 - £100,000 Wayne
I've never liked Stoke says Damian! Everyone is a little unsure of who is next, and Aimee looks favourite although she is still unsure where she really lives!!
18 - £50 Aimee

Banker time
The Banker thinks that some of the contestants can't leave their houses as they have no idea where they actually live!

Banker's offer:

Damian says

Round 5
16 - £10,000 Kim
This is now gettting very dangerous says Noel.
3 - £10 Fred
7 - £750 Antonio

Banker time
The Banker thinks Damian should end his journey now

Banker's offer:

Damian's fiancee tells his she is behind him all the way and to do what he wants. Glenn thinks it is a good offer, but he is going to have to go all the way if he wants to get near the figure they talked about at the bar the other evening.

Damian says

Round 6
22 - 50p Claire
21 - £20,000 Glenn
14 - £15,000 Olympia

Banker time with £5 and £500 remaining

It's all over says Noel, that is really cruel.

Banker's offer:
£199 + an atlas

Damian says

Noel opens Damian's box 9 and reveals £5

Box 6 with Adam contains the £500

Damian says he has loved every minute of being on the show.

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