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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Jonathan's Deal or No Deal Game Report 09/11/10

Noel wonders why the players bring friends and family with them, as it often complicates things! He then talks about Karen's game yesterday, and how she brought several relatives and she got lots of conflicting advice which added another burden to the game.

Jonathan has box 3. Jonathan is an electrician, and he explains he got into that after watching some builders on a building site. He shows a pic of all of his family, and a pic of his dog called Harvey! Jonathan has his fiancée Laura in the audience, and she explains she met Jonathan as she was once with one of his friends! He reveals he once bet a lot on a horse and it came in 2nd.

Round 1
7 - Bill - £75,000
11 - Claire - £1
Mary now, and Noel asks her to speak to him, and she calls him "Neil".
17 - Mary - 10p
Mary says her boyfriend's called Neil and her box is upside down.
15 - Wayne - £5
Elli now, and she reveals that she does wrestling.
2 - Elli - £10

Banker time

Banker's offer:

Jonathan says that's a fantastic offer.

Jonathan says

Round 2
18 - Shaun - £100,000
14 - Damian - £20,000
Jonathan gets Damian to do his dance on the walk of wealth
21 - Kim - £50

Banker time
The banker says it looked like Damian had got bitten by a crab when he did his dance. Noel talks about how Jonathan would like the banker to watch him withdrawing his £250,000.

Banker's offer:

Jonathan says

Round 3
Noel says Jonathan once turned up to the wrong house and did £1,000 worth of work!
6 - Kirsty - £3,000
16 - Millie - 50p
9 - Maryanne - £750

Banker time
The banker says that round was rather good.

Banker's offer:

Jonathan says that's a fantastic offer, and Noel says it'd get a good wedding. Jonathan says this is a difficult offer, and he asks the others for some advice, who say £20,000 would pay for the wedding and so on, but he still has good numbers on the board. The banker phones back and says Jonathan has an almost 30% chance of taking out the quarter-million in the next 3 boxes.

Jonathan says

Round 4
13 - Aimee - £250
20 - Hitch - £1,000
Noel says Jonathan is very particular about things, including where his remote control is and how his shoes are arranged!
10 - Olympia - £15,000

Banker time
Jonathan says he came here with nothing and anything would be a bonus, and he says the banker will have to offer him a humongous amount of money to get him to deal!

Banker's offer:

Noel then says it's actually worth...

Banker's offer:


Banker's offer:


Banker's offer:

Jonathan asks for a sweep, and just over half of the others say "no deal". He says he's seen how a game can be blown apart by the loss of the £250,000. He says the offer wouldn't be life-changing but it's a fantastic sum of money. He says he doesn't know what to do, and John says he should go for it if he believes he has the £250,000 in his box.

Jonathan says

Round 5 (proveout)
1 - Ann - £5,000
The banker phones and says if Jonathan doesn't take anything higher than £5,000 now, the next offer would've been at least double £30,000.
19 - newbie Annie - 1p
12 - Savy - £500

Banker time
The banker says that was practically perfect for him.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6 (proveout)
4 - John - £10,000
The banker phones and starts laughing down the phone, and Jonathan hangs the phone up.
8 - Bonita - £100
"Oh my word" says Noel, and he wonders if we were going to get the first male quarter-millionaire just before the 5th birthday.
5 - Glenn - £35,000

Banker time with £50,000 and £250,000 remaining

A note is passed to Noel which says "£130,000! HA HA HA!"

Banker's offer would've been:

Jonathan's box 3 has £50,000

Box 22 with Kat contains the £250,000

Jonathan says he feels GUTTED that he didn't have the confidence to go on. Noel says what he won is serious smile money.

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