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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Paul's Deal or No Deal Game Report 25/08/10

Noel looks back to Imani's game and thinks there was a lesson for everyone. She had enormous belief, and he says that can really help you, but you must remember you can never control the game, and there was a moment in Imani's game where she needed to react to what was happening on the board.

Paul has box 21 today. Paul is a retired market trader. Paul says he sold all sorts of soft furnishings on his stall and he loved his work, he has his wife Pat in the audience for support. She explains how they met in the Air force in air traffic control.

Paul says he hasn't got a target and came along for the experience and to meet Noel

Round 1
Paul has 2 numbers that he is keeping until the end, but apart from that there is no system
12 - 10p Stephen
4 - £10 Martyn
11 - £50,000 Danny
9 - £20,000 Andy
1 - £5,000 Dan

Banker time
Paul says he is happy with that, but he won't ask his wife Pat as she doesn't want to be on the TV! The Banker says that they need a big close-up of Pat for a public service announcement to show that it doesn't affect you being on TV

Banker's offer:

That is a wonderful offer says Paul.

Paul says

Round 2
7 - £75,000 Jade
3 - £500 Kenny
Maria next and Noel gets up close to help warm her seal-pulling hand!
18 - £250,000 Maria

Banker time
That £250,000 is coming out too soon at the start of this new season says Noel. Noel and the Banker wind Paul up about being hen-pecked at home!

Banker's offer:

Someone lets out a quiet boo, but Noel gets them to give a louder boo

Paul says

Round 3
Noel talks to Paul about his model railway and the Banker calls to interrupt them so Noel picks up the phone and hangs it straight up again
16 - £35,000 Linda
13 - £100,000 Daphne
Oh no! Says Noel that is the whole of the power 5 now wiped out!
8 - £15,000 Sue

Banker time
That is very tough having the top 3 wiped out in one round says Noel. The Banker says he loves rounds like that.

Banker's offer:

Paul says

Round 4
14 - £3,000 Rachel
Hang on a minute says Noel, you could be in the hall of fame very soon.
2 - £50 Janet
22 - £10,000 Max

Banker time
That is one of the most disastrous 8-boxes we have ever had says Noel, and it is making the Banker's job very easy at the moment.

Banker's offer:
A model turkey

Paul asks if it is a real turkey and Noel says that it is a model one for his railway! The Banker calls back and says he can have a real one if he likes! Noel asks if Paul would like a real one or a model one! Paul asks for a real one!

Paul says

Round 5
6 - £250 Justin
15 - £1,000 Letty
Oh no! Exclaims Noel. Noel thinks that Paul is in the top 3 unluckiest players
20 - 50p Jayne

Banker time
The Banker says he has a problem as it's hard to go down from a roast turkey!

Banker's offer:
Roast Pigeon

Paul says

Round 6
10 - £5 Balbina
5 - 1p Paul G
19 - £750 James

Banker time with £1 and £100 remaining

Oh my word says Noel. The Banker wants to know how he goes down from his last offer!

Banker's offer:
Fried egg

Paul jokes that the Banker is forcing him to go all the way here. Noel starts to ask the question and the Banker calls back and increases the offer to 2 fried eggs! Paul says he might have dealt for poached eggs! The Banker calls back and says the kitchen is closed

Paul says

The Banker calls back and says Paul has handled all this bad luck with good grace and offers Paul the SWAP

Banker's offer:

Paul says

Noel opens Paul's box 21 and reveals £1

Caroline with box 17 contains the £100

Paul says he is disappointed but fine, and he has had an amazing time and wouldn't have missed this for the world. The Banker calls back and says he would like to offer Paul and his wife a dinner at his expense as he has handled his game so well

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