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Monday, August 23, 2010

Kevin's Deal or No Deal Game Report

All the contestants line the walk of wealth as Noel welcomes us back to the new season of DoND. Noel asks if we missed them all at all. He gives us some positive news to kick off the new season and says the Banker has paid out nearly £21.5 million pounds, the £250,000 has been on the table 52 times, the 1p has been on the table 57 times, and there are 31 members of the 1p club.

Kevin has box 22 today. A pumped up Kevin works for a bank which gets some boos! Kevin explains he works in the debt collection side, but has changed his roles now and gives debt advice to people in this difficult time. Noel tells the story of how Kevin met his wife when he was holiday and saw her at baggage handling when he arrived, and then noticed her staying at his hotel. We get to see a picture of Kevin's 2 children, and Kevin says his eldest loves cake!

Round 1
Kevin doesn't have a system but does know his first box.
5 - £35,000 Justin
4 - 10p Imani
19 - £15,000 Linda
16 - £3,000 Martyn
7 - 50p Janet

Banker time
That was all right says Kevin, but Noel says that was more than alright. The Banker says he spent the whole summer missing us, and he says hello to everyone.

Banker's offer:

Very nice says Kevin.

Kevin says

Round 2
13 - £1,000 Newbie Andy
3 - £250,000 Maria
Big groans for that box. Noel calls a break and says the next box really needs to be the 1p. Kevin is about to tell us his joke and the Banker calls and says he can't wait for this and if the audience don't laugh he will offer 1p!! What did the accused duck say to the judge duck? Yes, M' lord

10 - £500 Balbina

Banker time
The Banker is laughing at Kevin's joke and says that he should do stand-up.

Banker's offer:

Kevin says

Round 3
17 - £75,000 Caroline
9 - £250 Kenny
11 - £5 Jade

Banker time
2 out of 3 isn't bad says Noel.

Banker's offer:

Kevin turns to his wife, she thinks it is a good offer but it's worth another game. Noel asks 'Another game'? He wonders if she wants to play scrabble or connect 4 now!

Kevin says

Round 4
6 - £10,000 Daphne
Jayne next and Noel says he was going to ask her what she did in the summer, but Jayne says it was a secret, the Banker then rings and tells Noel that what Jayne got up to is a secret between him and her!
21 - £10 Jayne
12 - £50 Stephen

Banker time

The Banker says that just because Jayne pulled out the £10 it doesn't mean anything has changed between them!

Banker's offer:

Kevin turns to his wife again, she thinks it is a good offer. Kevin says that he is only here for his boys and this is all about them. Kevin goes to his wife again, but she says that this is all down to him now. The Banker calls and offers some help, if Kevin got an all blue round the offer will double, but if he gets it with the 1p it would be £30,000. Kevin says the whole purpose of coming on the show was to clear some debt and also get a deposit to move back to where he originally came from.

The Banker increases the offer to
£12,500 + Cake for Kevin's son!

Kevin says

Round 5 - Proveout round
Kevin apologises and says he really wanted to play on.
20 - £100,000 Letty
Wow, in the first box says Noel
14 - £50,000 Max
Oh my word says Noel.
2 - £750 Danny

Banker time
A banker spanking is still on says Noel. Kevin asks what sort of cake he gets and the Banker calls and offers a choice of Victorie sponge or chocolate.

Banker's offer would've been:

Round 6
18 - £20,000 Paul G
It's a spanking
8 - £1 Dan
15 - 1p James

Banker time with £100 and £5,000 remaining

Banker's offer would've been:

The Banker calls back before Noel can open Kevin's box and says that Kevin has been so bad with his predictions in this game if Kevin predicts what is in his box he will give £100 to all the other contestants!!

Kevin predicts he has £5,000

Noel opens box 22 and reveals £5,000

All the other contestants get £100 each

Paul with box 1 contains the £100

What a way to start the new season says Noel.

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