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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Maria's Deal or No Deal Game Report 29/08/10

Noel says the pilgrims are pumped up today, and has delved into the files of some of the contestants, Stephen goes around the house in 1 sock!

Maria has box 21 today. Maria is originally from Brazil and came to the UK in '86. She says she didn't know where England was, and was shocked by the climate She says she loves British lager and blames it for putting on a few pounds. We get to see a picture of Maria when she was 19 in Brazil, and another of her grandchild. She has also brought along a chili which she will bite to celebrate her victory over the Banker. She has her daughter in the audience for support.

Round 1
Maria looks for the newbie first, who is Ian and he says he is a geek!
20 - £100 Newbie Ian
1 - £750 Janet
8 - £3,000 Jayne
15 - £5,000 Allan
4 - £10,000 Balbina

Banker time
Noel is a little worried how Maria will pronounce Banker Noel asks the Banker if it is the first time he has had a Brazilian!

Banker's offer:

Maria says that is money that she has never had in her life before. Noel says he has never had anyone leave at the first offer before. Maria turns to her daughter who's nickname is 'Boo' for a little advice.

Maria says

Round 2
12 - £15,000 Martyn
13 - £1 Andy
Noel says there are many interesting facts about Maria including she delivered her own baby! Maria says she did and Noel gets her to explain a little more, she says that she was on her own and felt the baby coming and didn't know the number for any help as she was in Italy at the time.
14 - £1,000 Dan

Banker time
This is a very interesting parallel with Friday's game says Noel, and this is even better as the £250,000 is in play. The Banker apologises for not allowing Maria the chance to select her own box as she has been on the show for so long!

Banker's offer:

Maria says no boxes really mean anything to her.

Maria says

Round 3
10 - £250,000 Sue
That was a shame says Noel, but there is still a good block there.
19 - £100,000 Rachel
Oh dear me says Noel
11 - £500 Stephen

Banker time
Oh wow, what a turnaround says Noel. The Banker says that was very unlucky.

Banker's offer:

Maria says

Round 4
18 - 10p Justin
5 - £50,000 James
16 - £75,000 Kenny

Banker time
What a run, that is cruel luck says Noel. The Banker says he can't recall a game where the luck has turned so badly after a good opening

Banker's offer:

Maria says

Round 5
6 - £250 Paul
22 - £10 Daphne
17 - 1p Caroline

Banker time
Fantastic, that is exactly what you needed says Noel. The Banker says just as quickly Maria's luck changes the other way, and Maria now has the chance to leave with sensible money

Banker's offer:

Maria says she was hoping for at least £6,000. Noel says that it has been known for the Banker to call back and raise the offer. Maria goes to the wings for advice and the Banker then calls back with a proposition for Maria. If Maria declines the £4,000 he will allow Maria to open 1 box and then he will offer the £6,000, but if she finds a red she will have to continue and open 2 more boxes. Maria goes to her daughter for some advice.

Maria says

Round 6
If the next box is blue Maria will be offered £6,000, but if it is red she has to play on.
9 - £20,000 Letty
2 - £5 Jade
3 - 50p Mary

Banker time with £50 and £35,000 remaining

You are doing this the hard way says Noel, and that was an amazing round. The Banker says sticking at £4,000 sounds like the best option for him. The pilgrims all boo

Banker's offer:

Maria quickly asks for the question, but just as Noel asks the question the Banker calls back. He says he likes a gamble and really feels that Maria has the £35,000!

Maria says

Maria says that is now her chance to see her sister back in Brazil

Noel opens box 21 and reveals £35,000
Max with box 7 contains the £50

Maria says she is really gutted, but the £8,000 means so much to her.

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